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I know this is more of an upstream GNOME thing, but it would be nice to have either an embedded terminal window or an address bar in Nautilus. At first, I thought an address bar alone would be an excellent usability feature, until I took it farther and thought how efficient it would be to have an embedded terminal window in the Nautilus for the folder you're currently in. Below I will explain the benefit of both.

Address Bar:
Easy to implement, easy to change current folder if you know exactly where you want to go. For example, I find myself in my home directory alot, and needing to go elsewhere (e.g. /etc/init.d) instead of clicking my way around, it's quicker for me to just type the directory I want to be in. Plus, it's nice to have the full directory path visible in case I need to know where I am.

Embedded Terminal Window:
Never seen anything like it, so it might be difficult to implement. I find myself switching between Nautilus and Terminal quite a bit to run programs with arguments. It's a real pain to see it in Nautilus, then have to open a terminal window, cd to the directory I want, then run the command. And if I need to go to another directory and perform something similar, I have to repeat the above all over again. The current directory of Nautilus and the embedded terminal window would be synchronized, to that changing the directory in the GUI, reflects the change in the terminal window, and visa-versa.

Implementing either one of the above would bring a usability improvement for many people, besides myself, in my belief.

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Two important things to consider: in Ubuntu if you are using Nautilus you can click Ctrl+L and get the address bar instead of having to click everywhere: unfortunately it can take a while to figure it out (by an accident, miracle, or stumbling-upon that info). I propse that features be exposed through the administration section to set whether or not the address bar, or the buttons, are default, and such like that: something like "configure nautilus" or other...it's probably a few short commands away, but as far as I know few people know these.
For the terminal embedded in nautilus, there is a new plugin: Nautilus Terminal :)


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