Pluggable automated integration testing framework

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Inside Ubuntu, there are plenty of automated test systems. From unit tests within `make check`, to piuparts. However, all of these systems only test the package itself.

None of our systems are able to do integration testing across a cross-section of packages. Nor are they able to adequately blackbox test a feature.

I propose a framework that would consist of a network of machines that can run test suites, comprised of various tests written in scripts. These tests would be able to reserve a set of machines, put them on a network segment, and ask them to interact with each other. In this way, we can actually simulate what users do with their computers.

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mdz 2006-07-05: this is a bit high-level. for example, it is specified that certain interfaces are needed, but not what they will be. e.g., how will the network servers talk to each other? what functions are available in the web interface? what does a test look like when implemented? I'm also concerned about the scope; this seems like a very large project for Edgy, especially given the hardware deployment needed

sfllaw 2006-07-06: This is a requirements specification that describes a system of components. Something of this scope couldn't possibly be implemented for Edgy, but if we didn't write a high-level spec, then we'd be lost when we got down to writing each of the components. It would make a lot of sense to spec out each part separately, which is something that I intend to do.


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