Determine if any default applications should be changed in UNR

Registered by Steve Kowalik

This specification is to discuss which applications are included by default in UNR

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David Mandala
Tobin Davis
Tobin Davis
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Accepted for karmic
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milestone icon karmic-alpha-5
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David Mandala
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Loïc Minier

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GrueMaster, 2009-06-26: Added work items
lool, 2009-06-26: List of applications which might change is too long with no clear plan when to finalize it, which criterions will be used etc. Perhaps we want to go back to drafting while we research that, or defer the actual seed changes to karmic+1?

Work items:
Anmar Oueja to do total package review: DONE
Pete Goodall to generate wiki page to list general defaults for applications such as Firefox to work better in UNR: DONE
Anmar to talk to Jason & Neil about adding gnome-do to classic desktop mode: DONE
Change Favorites to use Empathy instead of Pidgin (stevenk) [2 hours]: DONE
Seed gwibber (stevenk) [2 hours]: POSTPONED
Promote new gwibber to main when it lands (stevenk) [2 hours]: POSTPONED
Add gwibber to maximus blacklist (stevenk) [2 hours]: POSTPONED
Drop xscreensaver-gl and possibly more xscreensaver stuff (stevenk) [2 hours]: DONE
Work on having a < 700 MB UNR ISO (stevenk, gruemaster) [2 days]:DONE
Remove brasero from ISO (lool) [2 hours]: DONE

Finished! Image released at 681M.

GrueMaster, 2009-06-29: Added dependency for Desktop IM app.
The desktop team is looking into possibly switching from Pidgin to Envy as an IM client. On the flip side, Pidgin 2.6 is due out shortly and is supposed to include audio & video chat capabilities, which also solves the issue of adding an app to cover those features.

GrueMaster, 2009-07-14: Unassigned spec - left for dead.

pgoodall, 2009-07-15:
@GrueMaster - I spent a good amount of time putting in application recommendations to the spec. Can you tell me why this spec is "left for dead"? Was there another step I missed?

GrueMaster, 2009-07-21:
Spec was unassigned due to lack of communication from key players. Will review current status with mobile team and re-evaluate.

GrueMaster, 2009-07-24:
Bringing new life into the spec to get it rolling again.

anmar, 2009-07-24:
Gnome-do dropped from the list at this time.

GrueMaster, 2009-07-24:
Tied up loose ends. Now need to determine next steps.

GrueMaster, 2009-08-24:
Starting to review image for size reduction.


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