Create a common softboot loader for ARM devices

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Provide a softboot loader for ARM to address outstanding issues with the wide variety of methods used to boot ARM devices, in a similar manner to that does to support ps3. Such a softboot loader would be installed on system flash or trusted boot media, to sufficiently enable the system to boot from more common devices (USB sticks, optical drives, hard drives, etc.).

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David Mandala
Michael Casadevall
Michael Casadevall
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David Mandala

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[05-15-10 apw]: looks like the series goal should now be maverick not lucid to get the work items in the burndown system.
[04-30-10 ncommander]: resubmitted for maverick
[02-12-10 ncommander]: unblocked this spec, revised work items based on current progress
[02-12-10 asac]: adjust some overly eager time estimates :); added an item to document stuff for vendors that want to support softbooloader.
[02-12-10 asac]: sry. mistyped: please add work items/bugs to address the kexec blockage. setting to pending approval assuming that you add this.
[15-01-10 asac]: postponing everything, but the kexec testing part of this spec; we could better plan next cycle based on those results which is why i think having that item done and document is still worthwhile.
[15-02-10 asac]: this is too late for lucid; postponed; we have to check how we can properly do the work items so they dont kill our burn down together.

deferred - feels too late for lucid ... Work can be resumed due to kexec on ARM partially working under Dove, and possibly fully working under imx51 as of writing.

Work items:
Evaluate pre-existing solutions: DONE
Create a working proof of concept: DONE
Short presentation email on PoC to ubuntu-mobile@ [1 day]: DONE
Create working package for softbootloader: DONE
Write overall design document: DONE
Retest kexec() on dove and imx51 final: DONE
Write mukluk specification, and have it approved by users interested in softbootloader [3-5 days]: TODO
Add support for a default entry [3 days]: TODO
Write documentation [1 day]: TODO
Perform code review [2 days]: TODO
First release [1 day]: TODO
Rewrite menu layout and design (placeholder menu code in place; non-critical) [2 days]: TODO
Upload to archive [1 day]: TODO
Test on ARM hardware, evaluateTand fixing [3 day]: TODO
Create standalone kernel/initramfs creation method to exist inbetween native bootloader and linux kernel [3 days] : TODO
Discuss with kernel and mobile teams if we want to support ARM softbootloader: TODO
Determine which SoCs we wish to support as native booting method in place of standard bootiup: TODO
Modify the installation system to be able to chainload off mukluk (requires flash-kernel modifications) [1 day]: TODO
[gruemaster] Develop end-user usability test plan and provide feedback: TODO

[05-19-2010 eric.y.miao] The soft bootloader is actually independent of the blueprint kernel-maverick-arm-kernel-as-bootloader, work items related to the latter moved back and can be tracked in the kernel work.


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