Establish test procedures and documentation for new hardware

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New hardware for mobile projects should go through a uniform test procedure during bringup. At this time, a test summary of what works, what doesn't, and any workarounds or extra pieces required for functionality should be documented. This should also be useful for helping others to get the hardware up and running, and know what to expect.

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David Mandala
Paul Larson
Paul Larson
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Accepted for lucid
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Paul Larson
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Paul Larson

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Many of the work items listed below are for individual testcases. Some are trivial (just a few minutes) while some will take a bit longer. I'm also using this as a place to track what we already have tests for in checkbox and what are still needed to complete this spec.

Work items lucid-alpha-2:
Create a testsuite in a checkbox branch with existing tests we want to import: DONE
Modify network testcases to include wireless if it exists: DONE
Write USB Storage/network tests: DONE
Write volume/muting tests: DONE
Write brightness tests: DONE
Write tests for media card slots: DONE
Write tests for sata: DONE
Write power management tests (suspend/resume/hibernate): DONE
Write poweroff/reboot tests (also cover date/time retention here): DONE
Write a test to inquire about any other external ports or devices (catchall): DONE
Write test to pull in bootchart data if it exists: DONE
Write a script to time how long it takes to bring up some gui applications and log them: DONE
Create an xslt file to transform the output from checkbox to wiki format: DONE

Work items lucid-alpha-3:
Write a script to pull in arm specific system information (i.e. uboot version): DONE

Implemented. Pending verification.

[plars] drafted
[asac 25-11-09] some (very) minor adjustments done to spec; approved.
[plars] pushing script to gather more arm specific data to A3 because there are some things that may make more information available in that timeframe. Otherwise complete


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