Webmail integration by default for ARM+UNE

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It has been proposed that both evolution and thunderbird performs poorly on ARM for UNE (and desktop), and that there is no suitable alternative available in our repository. For this reason it has been suggested not to install an email client on UNE desktops as part of the default applications, but rather offer a link or bookmark to google documents, or a splash application that offers such a link or the option for the user to add openoffice if they choose. Many now use web based email, so it may not be critical to find a suitable application for this for the default installation.

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David Mandala
Alexander Sack
Alexander Sack
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Accepted for lucid
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Alexander Sack
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Alexander Sack

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[dyfet 10-12-09] much has been said about some user preferences for entirely web based email, and the performance shortcomings of both evolution and thunderbird (perhaps even in thunderbird 3) on ARM, so I think the basic premise of this blueprint is extremely relevant. However, I might suggest adding claws as an installable option for someone wanting a functionally usable local (imap) email client.

[asac 03-12-09] finished spec/work items, please review.
[asac 05-12-09] we us the preferred application dialog to allow users to choose the email provider; the package just ships a set of webmail and .xml files + a wrapper that opens the proper URL

Work Items:
Implement mail chooser UI (2 days): DONE
Get feedback from uxteam and improve UI accordingly (2 days): POSTPONE
Add .desktop file: DONE
add generic mail icon: DONE
write startup/protocol-handler wrapper that opens preferred webmail (if exists): DONE
create webmail-wizard package (1 day): POSTPONE
get webmail-wizard package in archive and into main (1 day): POSTPONE
Implement backend for updating mailto: handler in gconf (1 day): DONE
Implement on demand install using aptdaemon (2 day): POSTPONE
Document QA procedure: POSTPONE

Work items ubuntu-10.04:
create webmail-wizard package (1 day): DONE
get webmail-wizard package in archive and into main (1 day): DONE
Document QA procedure: TODO

packaging .... testing.


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