Support ARM alternate images for release

Registered by Michael Casadevall on 2009-11-04

This spec tracks the status and discussion of making alternate images fully supported by the Ubuntu armel porting team.

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David Mandala
Michael Casadevall
Michael Casadevall
Series goal:
Accepted for lucid
Milestone target:
milestone icon lucid-alpha-2
Started by
Michael Casadevall on 2009-11-13
Completed by
Michael Casadevall on 2010-01-13

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[NCommander 12-01-10]: successful dove install with one minor hiccup which appears to be related to thumb instability. Marking spec implemented.

[NCommander 05-01-10]: dove alternates boot, and install as far as they can, but the archive hasn't been stable enough for a complete installation to finish yet. Marking Beta Available, and added a work item for ogra to test on imx51.

[asac 24-11-09]: maybe expand the test/QA plan section of the spec a bit; there seems to be valuable content in the session notes that have not been added to the spec section yet. In particular details about which images should be added to test tracker, and the community building parts mentioned in the session notes could be added.
[asac 13-01-10]: moved left over work items to alpha-3 and postponed them here.

Work items lucid-alpha-2:
Determine why file names on VFAT alternates get trunicated: DONE
Fix dove alternate image boot scripts: DONE
Upload new mtools with patches to lucid: DONE
Have new mtools backported to hardy-cat, and installed by Canonical IS: DONE
Smoke-test ARM alternate images built by the build system [2 days]: DONE
Test alternate images on imx51 [ogra]: POSTPONED
[vorlon] Add ARM alternate images to ISO trackers, test as per normal [1 day]: DONE

Work items lucid-alpha-3:
Test alternate images on imx51 [ogra]: DONE
Add ARM alternate images to ISO trackers, test as per normal [1 day]: DONE

Implemented. working alternative images are available for all supported armel boards.


Work Items

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