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Olli Ries
Chris Gagnon
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Accepted for saucy
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Gema Gomez
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Gema Gomez

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in order to better understand how well Mir performs on the available GPUs, we need to run a wide set of tests, internally and externally

Results should be accessible on the public dashboard, the format will need some more specification. It would be good to get an aggregate over time from a few representative systems, a view by system, a view by GPU.


Work Items

Work items for ubuntu-13.07:
[kgunn] define test suite: DONE
[chris.gagnon] create checkbox add-on for Mir to run test suite: DONE
[chris.gagnon] create way to benchmark against X: DONE
[chris.gagnon] run tests in cert lab: DONE
[ories] invite community (e.g. via Ubuntu friendly): POSTPONED
[chris.gagnon] schedule test to run daily: DONE
[chris.gagnon] publish results on QA dashboard: DONE
[ories] define results format on QA dashboard: POSTPONED
[ories] define representative set of HW in cert lab: POSTPONED

Work items for ubuntu-13.08:
[larry-e-works] Figure out what hardware we need in the QA lab to be able to run ongoing tests on mir: DONE
[doanac] setup utah instance on new mir jenkins server: DONE
[chris.gagnon] manually run utah test on all machines before setting up jenkins job: DONE
[chris.gagnon] setup new hardware nodes in new mir jenkins server: DONE
[chris.gagnon] setup and run utah death test on new jenkins server: DONE
[chris.gagnon] write script to get pass fail percentage from last x builds from jenkins: DONE
[larry-e-works] Order any new HW that is required: DONE
[ricklfowler] Install the new HW in the lab for PS QA to use: DONE
[chris.gagnon] Run the functional tests manually on xmir and x on the new HW and raise any bugs that are present: DONE
[robert-ancell] Fix any bugs that are found in the new HW: DONE
[thomir-deactivatedaccount] Assist chris.gagnon with the set up of jobs to run mir tests on the mir hw on cadence: DONE
[chris.gagnon] Set up jobs to run performance tests on the new hw: DONE
[chris.gagnon] Make sure the dashboard views for the performance testing show results in a comprehensive way: DONE
[chris.gagnon] Helipad - Graphics: AttributeError: 'Response' object has no attribute 'text' lp:1212484 : DONE
[chris.gagnon] Helipad - Content isn't wrapped in grid_15 lp:1212313 : DONE
[chris.gagnon] Helipad - Need graph titles to show difference between graphs lp:1212312 : DONE
[chris.gagnon] setup jobs to run mir-stress on mir hw: DONE
[chris.gagnon] write script to create/update jobs for each machine with one command: DONE
[chris.gagnon] setup test for native resolution testing on qa-paa, and archive x and xmir: DONE
[chris.gagnon] get and display benchmarks for guitool kit for qa-ppa, x and, ximr: DONE
[chris.gagnon] get and display benchmarks between xmir and qa-ppa: DONE
[chris.gagnon] multi-monitor testing on nvidia and radeon machines: DONE
[chris.gagnon] real monitor testing on nvidia, radeon and intel machines in lab: DONE

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