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It's been a year since we switched to Banshee and Totem has landed some major updates in Oneiric. The purpose of this session is to gather feedback from users about their experience with both apps.

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First of all, I put the feelings far behind me so.
Since Banshee came, I always have had trouble with him. it plays my file just good , like another audio player does. But with my Collection I only have issues with Banshee who messed up my whole Collection. tags are not good handled. thanks I had a clean Backup . All tag are mixed up. It gives it own title to my file, it own album's name, it own picture. And worst ! it take a while to start , some time it just freezes without any ground. I tried my best to adopt Banshee as a Main Audio Player but I only have issues with him. Since Natty it was always a nightmare . Now I'm using Guayadeque it is just great, it is light ( 50 MB of RAM ) with a collection ~9000 files !
Fisrt , let say that I spent a whole week to tag my collection with Musicbrainz before letting Banshee play my file So the issues is not my tag

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= Banshee =

Mono stability
 * Issues with mono on arm - banshee freezes with white screen ( -> links to a bug with has a patch that works)
 * mono has serious issues on Arm HF, which we're moving to in the 12.04 cycle
 * banshee guys worked with Tobin, but there's been no attention from upstream Mono
 * Banshee from natty, built on oneiric mono, is still crashy (please upgrade to 2.2.1 [bugfix release])
 * F-Spot and Tomboy work OK
 * alexlauni thinks the problem is not as deep as the Mono stack and it's in Banshee somewhere

Tobin has a script from upstream which purports to test all the stuff that Banshee does, but the script works and is not crashy. There seem to be no mono test suites.

Banshee is still gtk2 right now (the gtk3 stuff hasn't been switched on)

remove the movie player from Banshee? it doesn't work (what is not working? please be more specific, bug URL?)

= Pulse =

Should there be a notification to tell you that pulse has switched outputs?
Volume boosting (overdriving to 150% volume) needs reviewing; should it be audio compression? That has problems wih music, but is good for video.

Play interface sound effects on internal speakers only even if there are external speakers?
Turn off the login sound? (postponed on blueprint)

Action items
[ronoc] [alexlauni] get assigned to make Banshee stable for 12.04
[ronoc] profile startup speed and make it better
[ronoc] disable movie playback in banshee (is partially broken and we have already a better alternative)
[alexlauni] test that streaming playlists (.pls, etc) from the web are associated with Banshee and Banshee actually opens them correctly and plays them
[ronoc] review all default plugins
[ronoc] look at pulse's history stuff and work out what's wrong with it
[alexlauni] review banshee options: do certain combinations conflict, or violate the principle of least surprise? If so, catch that. review what the default options should be
[ronoc] [nuthinking] develop media profiles UI to replace gnome-media-profiles so that we don't expose gstreamer pipelines to the user
[nuthinking] review boosting UI and interaction with volume menu slider
[ronoc] add a way to disable startup sound
[nuthinking] communicate to ubuntu-greeter the need of changing volume also by keys from there

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