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This specification discusses implementing a tool that would suggest several ways to make a user's system cleaner. The intent is to try to give a reasonable solution for several aspects of the system that can get cluttered, consume unnecessary disk space, and prevent a user from using his computer over a long period of time, whatever his usage of the system (e.g. development, testing, server tasks, etc.).

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Matt Zimmerman
Sivan Greenberg
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Sivan Greenberg
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kamion 2006-06-23: Several review comments inline in the spec.
sivan: applied in Colin's comments, hopefully to get it approved this time.
mdz 2006-06-29: as far as I can see, this hasn't passed review yet. sending back to review.
keybuk 2006-07-05: further review comments inline in the spec, please address
sivang 2006-07-06: Hopefully addressed all of Keybuk's comment.
keybuk 2006-07-10: Further comments
sivang 2006-07-11: Addressed all previous comments.
mdz 2006-08-22: needs further discussion (e.g., how to tell if a kernel is manually installed?)
sivang 2006-10-4: Just to update that I've been recently working with KleanSweep's principle author and we're going to have a backend ready soon that will be assisted with two frontends, for Kubuntu either the KleanSweep or a reduced, easier to use GUI and for Ubuntu the planned SCUT gui.
khaeru 2006-12-08: some comments in the spec.
2007-08-20: I uploaded a simple python app "system-cleanup" that is meant to provide a simple starting point for further development. it works and can clean selected directories, but it implements only a fraction of the spec. It is able to scan "~/.cache" so that the user can remove the tracker cache if it grows too big though.


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