Default applications for Lubuntu Lucid

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This spec will describe the workflow for choosing default applications for the Lubuntu Lucid release. It will be based on the one used for Karmic cycle :

# Determine areas not currently covered in Karmic seed that still need to be addressed
# Add to seed: lxdm, lubuntu-artwork, lubuntu-default-settings
# Discuss applications that could be replaced
# Vote on identified items, with discussion on mailing list/wiki page
# Make a IRC meeting to decide the applications list.
#Update and summarized explanation of some choices. The goal is to make a reference when people will say « I want this by default »
# Update the seed and upload to the archive.

Impact on :
- lubuntu-desktop

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Julien Lavergne
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Julien Lavergne
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Proposed for lucid
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milestone icon lucid-alpha-3
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Julien Lavergne
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Julien Lavergne

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Summary :
- Some applications have been adding to covered missing features (printing, hardware info, tasks manager ...). See lubuntu-meta changelog since lubuntu-meta 0.9
- Adding specific packages (lubuntu-artwork and lubuntu-default-settings) and lxdm
- Discussion was made on some key applications (browser, e-mail client, video-player and music player).
- Some applications was replcaced for technical reasons (network-manager instead of wicd)
- Changes was uploaded to the archives
- Adjustement to the seed if it's necessary.
- Update the documentation

- Adding pcmanfm2 as default (need push of pcmanfm2 into the archive, and adapt lubuntu-default-settings)

04/26/2010 : Update summary, blueprint closed for lucid

02/18/2010 : Add a summary of items.

11/18/2009 : Update with discussion on UDS + some possible missing areas (gilir)

There is serious discussion about replacing firefox, at least for arm/unr, perhaps with epiphany-webkit or chromium. This should be tracked, and maybe for many of the same reasons, if this is actually chosen for that, it should be done for lubuntu as well.


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