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Postponed items from Precise

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Work items:
[kubuntu-dev] filesharing - Create a context menu for dolphin and remove the current property tab: TODO
[kubuntu-dev] filesharing - Create the new samba plugin: TODO
[kubuntu-dev] quality - Run kdelibs test during build, needs workaround for X server with xvfb, improve dh_test: TODO
[kubuntu-dev] quality - Help KDE papercuts with publicity: TODO
[kubuntu-dev] quality - Help KDE papercuts with bug triage: TODO
[kubuntu-dev] quality - Help KDE papercuts with bug fixing: TODO
[kubuntu-dev] quality - Automate moving bugs upstream (as much as possible): TODO
[kubuntu-dev] send mail to Kubuntu bug triagers encouraging them to get KDE bug triage rights: TODO
[kubuntu-dev] muon - find out if we have docs and get them updated/written and upstream: TODO
[kubuntu-dev] Talk with Ubuntu One about PyQt/SSO for submitting reviews/purchases: TODO
[kubuntu-dev] defaults - Turn on low fat settings by default for low powered machines: TODO
[kubuntu-dev] defaults - Ensure strigi nepomuk integration works (esp KRunner), check with upstream if they advise to turn on by default: TODO
[kubuntu-dev] defaults - Ensure kick arse support in LightDM Qt for battery power management, language/keyboard selection, accessibility, guest session (also future Wayland support, VNC/RDS): TODO
[kubuntu-dev] defaults - Reenable krunner in netbook settings, ensure run by kcm workspace changer: TODO
[kubuntu-dev] Make better ui for fine tunning kcm and integrate with low fat (replace Graphical Effects -> "low display resolution and high CPU"): TODO
[kubuntu-dev] cjk - work out if we want to use (new) kimpanel or kimtoy including kimtoy's ibus-panel and ibus-kconfig: TODO
[kubuntu-dev] cjk - package kimtoy: TODO
[kubuntu-dev] cjk - Investigate if we should get ibus packages from the ubuntu cd (e.g. ibus-gtk, ibus-pinyin) onto the kubuntu cd: TODO
[kubuntu-dev] cjk - fix "ibus-kde" script from kimpanel to ensure ibus gets started: TODO
[kubuntu-dev] a11y - system settings module to enable at-spi (and install orca?): TODO
[kubuntu-dev] a11y - liasise with upstream KDE Accessibility to replace website with wiki page: TODO
[kubuntu-dev] a11y - ensure qt-at-spi is working: TODO
[kubuntu-dev] a11y - ensure Kubuntu applications expose meaningful data via qt-at-spi: TODO
[kubuntu-dev] a11y - ditch kaccessible: TODO
[kubuntu-dev] quality - get Kubuntu involved in the ongoing Unity manual test project: TODO

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