Touchpad Configuration Module For KDE

Registered by Roderick B. Greening on 2009-09-30

KDE is currently missing a way to easily configure a touchpad for advanced options like scroll area, disable touchpad while typing, etc.

KDE should have a kcm module for configuring this, as well as some applet to change some simple things like enable/disable, etc. This used to be provided by the qsynaptics package, which is no longer maintained and is only for KDE/QT 3.X.

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Jonathan Riddell
Roderick B. Greening
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Roderick B. Greening
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Accepted for lucid
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Started by
Jonathan Riddell on 2010-02-19
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Jonathan Riddell on 2010-04-19

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Jonathan Thomas: You mean like: ?

Rod Greening: No. The implementation needs to be forward thinking and use xinput, which is the preferred way of dealing with all things input related.

Michał Żarłok: Sure it is, so I'm going to change backend from SHM to xinput, but I need some time or help.

Rod Greening: At this point it's basically pretty open for discussion as to how we go about this. The only requirements are: 1. xinput 2. kcm module integration 3. Able to be merged into upstream KDE. Outside of that, anything is fair game.

Michał Żarłok: Today I've updated kcm_touchpad to version 0.2.0 based on Xinput. It seriously needs polishing yet, but tell me if I'm going right direction.

Rod Greening: using xinput is definitely a great start :) I'll try and do some testing soon. We will likely then reference this in our UDS discussion and come up with a plan/list of todo's for any issues and deficiencies, etc. Thank's for your work on this.


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