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Package Manager in Jaunty

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2009-01-05 pitti:
 - Who will support/maintain PackageKit? Sebastian, do you think that PK is mature enough to be the default package manager in Kubuntu? In my experiments a few months ago, I got tons of hangs, but of course it might have gotten a lot better in the current version. Sebastian, would you continue to have an eye on PK in Ubuntu and maintain it?
 - How does this relate to packages which depend on debconf support, in particular the current mysql server? Please point out in the spec what will happen with this.
 - What happens if the user changes a conffile, and a new package version does as well? This needs to be release-note'd. "Should not affect desktop users" is too vague, even desktop users install things like databases or postfix.
 - The topic of debconf/conffiles was discussed at length upstream, and as it stands it will not be "fixed" upstream. Sebastian proposed an alternative approach of implementing our own PK backend by wrapping synaptics, but that wouldn't be suitable for Kubuntu.
 - Proposed mitigation in PK: detect if debconf would ask something, or a conffile was changed, and point that out after package installation, so that the user can have a look manually (pointing to backup files, or dpkg-reconfigure)

Please set back to 'pending approval' once these points were addressed.

2009-01-06 jriddell:
 - Discussions at UDS indicated packagekit could go into main, maintained by Sebastian and mvo
 - debconf and confiles are issues but not as big as having to maintain our own package manager, note added to spec

2009-01-07 pitti: OK, but please update the release note before this gets marked as "implemented". (final release note is not a blocker for approval)

2009-02-16: jriddell set to good progress


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