Kubuntu is said to "suck" very commonly online; borrow more code from distros focused on KDE.

Registered by John Bradley Bulsterbaum

I often hear, "Kubuntu sucks". I use it myself, but this is too common to ignore. OSS advocates espouse the virtue of OS because of [the *possibility of*] sharing rather than needlessly duplicating efforts in writing code, but rarely do I see this on the practical side of things (i.e., what's visible to non-techies). Kubuntu ought to start heavily borrowing the code and work of other distros more focused on KDE. I think it would be wise to lower the barriers preventing Canonical from using more outside work, and if something borrowed is deficient, retool and fix it up, and recontribute that code to the source project. How about co-laboring with the more advanced (KDE wise) distros so that less effort is expended implemented the same features? Use the time freed by decreased redundancy to do extra bug&flaw -checking/fixing [perhaps all the little bugs that put people off (commercial companies know these are important: the OSS community mocks with "whiners" and whatnot) from fixing for "more important" things can be given attention], and re-design and implementation of components that direly need it (um, DRM/DRI for OpenGL since those efforts are moving at snails pace: I don't blame graphics card makers for not supporting OpenGL on linux: NVIDIA replaced the bottom of the X server just to make it work!). In general, be more perverse with code between distributions. As far as I'm concerned, use their work, reciprocate with contributions, (and maybe they'll follow suit), and start putting attention into fixing the issues the OSS community is dragging its feet on (like the mangled and broken DRM/DRI). Why fail to take advantage of all their investment and effort into development? With a businessman at the helm of Canonical this pragmatism should be understandable. (Perhaps Mark could convince the desktop environments to spice-up their philosophies with just a little more pragmatism as well, or even perhaps the OSS community in general.) This is an especially appropriate time with the KDE desktop being ported to all the major consumer-grade OSs and a newly LGPL'd QT for all of those, and when this desktop has so many LGPL libs that commercial and open source development alike have incentives to utilize and integrate into the environment. If I'm just being an idiot, call me dunce, and I apologize in advance: but if there's already a lot of sharing between the KDE-distros, it's not very visible to the average user of Kubuntu.

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