Daily Desktop Testing

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Add desktop tests to the daily hardware testing schedule on laptops and netbooks.

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Henrik Nilsen Omma
Eitan Isaacson
Eitan Isaacson
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Accepted for karmic
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Henrik Nilsen Omma
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Henrik Nilsen Omma

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heno: More detail is needed on the Ubiquity installer testing. Should that be a separate spec?

eeejay: I think this is what you are referring to: https://blueprints.edge.launchpad.net/certify-web/+spec/karmic-qa-cert-install-from-live-cd-images I could take this too.

cr3: I'd like to keep testing of the daily images separate from testing ubiquity, where I should be responsible for the former ane eeejay for the latter.

heno: We are actually talking about 3 separate things here:

1. Daily desktop testing - This involves running all the desktop tests we currently have in an automated fashion daily using checkbox so we can collect and track the results. This could be on real HW, in a VM, installed from an alternate or Live image. This is mainly checkbox and LDTP work and sits with eeejay. (this spec)

2. Live CD installation using pre-seeding - This is a way of doing test installs from Live CDs using their pre-seeding capability, similar to the alternates. It tests the integrity of the CDs themselves and some code paths in Ubinqity but not the GUI. This is mainly satellite server work and sits with cr3. ( = karmic-qa-cert-install-from-live-cd-images)

3. LDTP-powered Live CD install - This exercises the actual installer GUI by driving it with LDTP. #1 and #2 should be completed before this is started. Some certify-web work is needed to record this class of results but it it's mainly LDTP and Checbox work and could be developed in a VM.

I think #3 should sit with eeejay but need a separate spec (we can discuss details on the phone).


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