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Discuss improvements to the language selector, and how it fits into CDs, etc.

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Martin Pitt
Arne Goetje
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2008-12-23 pitti:
 - Sentence about "complex characters checkbox" should move to design (not a rationale), and not say "probably"; please make a decision here. Same for corresponding sentence in "use cases"
 - design: please explain what the non-root mode looks like, how people can switch between them (or which settings apply to user and which to system).
 - design: please include UI mockups from mpt
 - design: UI changes has several options, please decide on one (consult mpt)
 - design: perceived UI problems don't belong here, they should be named in rationale and fixed in design
 - code changes: "standardize the notation of language entries in language-selector and gdm" -> how?
 - code changes: s/Language/LANGUAGE/
 - code changes: auto-install missing langpacks: this needs to be fleshed out a bit; is Michael okay with this? Why not use the already existing post-install notification? Also, I don't like the ubiquity "please enable internet" question now, this is too much of a hassle, and easier to do post-install when you can actually install missing drivers

2009-01-28 pitti: Very well-written spec now, thanks! What I don't understand is why the dialog in "unresolved issues" should be deferred to Jaunty+1? It doesn't seem to have a more complicated implementation than the one in design, it's just different?

2009-02-17 arnegoetje: yes, the GUI in "unresolved issues" will be postponed to jaunty+1. The updated treeview needs to be coded by hand and it's not trivial. Due to time restraints, we decided to postpone it.

2009-02-19 arnegoetje: code review from mvo and upload pending. Beta in bazaar.launchpad.net/~arnegoetje/language-selector/language-selector-jaunty/


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