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An Idea created based on "ubuntuforums.org" threads:
1. [url]http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=275202[/url]
2. [url]http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=330255[/url]

It's not that it's difficult to install fonts but there should be a better way (in Ubuntu). This would help new users get acquainted with their Ubuntu faster.
In the first thread provided above, some users complaint that they "can not seem to be able to copy & paste new fonts! Not even as root!".
Even though there may be many ways to install fonts, none of the suggested methods were intuitive enough...
In my opinion, the process of installing new fonts on an Ubuntu OS, should include the following steps:

1. From the Ubuntu menu, a user should select: "[b]System\Preferences\Font[/b]".

The following window should appear:


This is the same window as Ubuntu's "System\Preferences\Fonts", with only 1 button added - denoted "Installing new fonts...".

2. Then, to install a new font, a user should click on the button named "[b]Installing new fonts...[/b]" & the following window should appear:


This is the same window as Ubuntu's "Places\Search for Files..." with some parts changed/renamed & others removed.

Following Steps involved:

3. The user designates on which folder his new fonts (to be installed) are located.

4. All fonts located on the designated folder, will appear under "search results:".

5. Under the list "search results", the user can select the fonts he would like to install (a "[b]select all[/b]" option should also exist! - in case he wants to install all the fonts & not selecting them one by one).

6. The user can click on the button named "[b]Install[/b]" & his selected fonts will be installed.

I believe such a design would be much more intuitive & easy for all users of Ubuntu.

It would also be nice if the Ubuntu's "fonts" folder existed under the "root" (or File System) folder & not be buried deeper (on a subfolder).

P.S.1> Even if you don't like the above suggested implementation strategy, you are free to change it, but still a GUI method for installing fonts in Ubuntu does not yet exist...

P.S.2> On the second link provided above, the above same procedure is suggested.

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A GUI method does exist. Simply open up fonts:/// in Nautilus and drag-drop your fonts to it.

Although it is not immediately apparent. So a simple button saying Install New Font under the System>Pref>Fonts dialog will be a good idea, clicking which should simply open up fonts:/// in nautilus and pop up a message asking the user to drag and drop their font files there.

Reply from Author 1:
I have no problem with your suggestion.
As long as when the "fonts" window launches a popup window asking the user to drag & drop his new fonts inside the "fonts" folder.
Please go ahead & implement it anyway you feel is better!

P.S.> Feel free to edit/change my original specification request, if this is considered a requirement for this spec to move on to implementation status.
Thanks, dvarsam.
Reply from Author 2:
I noticed that there is an added spec called "font-management". And the project has already started. I visited the Whiteboard & asked whether in his spec he could embed/incorporate this spec too!
Thanks -dvarsam 2007-01-18


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