Installing Ubuntu from within Windows

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A simple install procedure for Ubuntu initiated in Windows. Several technical options are available; this is an informational spec used to select between them.

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Matt Zimmerman
Henrik Nilsen Omma
Needs approval
Ubuntu Installer Team
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Proposed for hardy
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Henrik Nilsen Omma
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Henrik Nilsen Omma


heno: getting an overview of the technical options. Scheduled meeting for USD-Seville.
reviewed, comments inline -mdz, 2007-05-30
2007-05-31 kamion: addressed comments
2007-06-01 mdz: approved
2007-09-21 kamion: available on gutsy CDs now, just fixing up the last few pieces
2007-10-15: Since the Gutsy train was missed, I am proposing the discussion again for UDS boston.
2007-11-02 ago: discussed implementation for hardy
2007-12-11: ago: for all those interested in testing the windows installer, you can try wubi-7.10 at , early builds of 8.04 will be provided soon. Please report any feedback in
Not sure how this thingie works, but I went to a little trouble so as to be able to 2nd the motion made by an earlier poster that UNetbootin get the call. I struggled for the better part of a day with Wubi, to no good end. M'man UN- succeeded without breaking a sweat. I'm sure many have had no trouble with Wubi, but this looks like a case of (un-necessarily, as usual) reinventing the wheel. Surely, there's not so very much talent floating around that it needs to solve previously solved problems.
2008-02-25: Wubi now ships with Ubuntu Live CD 8.04 Alpha5, also available in stand-alone mode here: Please report any feedback in the wubi forum (
2008-05-08 heno: Shipped with 8.04 \o/


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