Increase participation in the Ubuntu Hardware Database

Registered by Matt Zimmerman

In order to collect better data about hardware support in Ubuntu, we want more users to contribute their hardware data to the Ubuntu Hardware Database.

Users should be invited to participate when they boot a pre-release live CD and when they install Ubuntu (whether the installation is successful or not).

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Martin Pitt
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Martin Pitt
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Martin Pitt

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don't need to stray into more general issues of encouraging people to test live CDs (will be covered separately); mostly about getting the data once people have a live CD in hand

Looks good -- smurf

This delcares a dependency on non-trivial implementation work from another spec (hwdb-overhaul) which hasn't been written yet. It's not clear to me why this should be dependent on moving the hwdb state file, but either the dependency should be removed or the details added to this spec. -mdz, 2006-11-07

2006-11-07 kamion: corrected

Approved -mdz, 2006-11-09

2007-02-01 pitti: uploaded new hwdb-client (menu item) and update-notifier (notification) packages, will go into the archive after herd-3 freeze; still TODO: debconf override for the notification

2007-02-05 pitti: debconf key for supressing implemented, all done now

2007-02-16 pitti: yesterday's distro team meeting decided a different approach, setting back to started

2007-02-16 pitti: updated new hwdb-client with the new changes, mvo uploaded new update-notifier. Just needs some testing and u-n needs to fix line breaks in notification texts.

currently blocked for RT#27156

RT#27156 (removing the cleaning of user.d/) was finally resolved, so notification works now on the live system.

20070412 Moving back to beta available since we took out the actual notification at the last minute. Should be revisited at UDS-sevilla.

pitti, 2007-05-11: added back hwdb-overhaul dependency: we should not encourage users to use a broken GUI with an even more broken backend without a defined purpose

pitti, 2007-05-14: add slight changes discussed at UDS Sevilla to fix confusion (talking about package upgrades)

keybuk, 2007-11-20: obsolete by smolt now?

mdz, 2007-11-20: no.

pitti, 2007-11-20: once we have smolt, we can implement this to advertise it to users.

pitti, 2009-05-27: pretty stale, setting back to discussion


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