Improved Power Management

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This is a meta blueprint, covering several power management related topics, both for Ubuntu server and desktop.

- desktop focused:

- Server focused:
Powercap might be part of the solution:
The upcoming Network UPS Tools release 2.4 will add several new features and improvement that will help in data centers / clouds and green computing.
Example features are the PDU (Power Distribution Units) support, communication link redundancy, per outlet management and possibly a configuration script (a bit like ufw)

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Rick Clark
Arnaud Quette
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Arnaud Quette
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Proposed for jaunty
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milestone icon ubuntu-9.04
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Arnaud Quette
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Arnaud Quette

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This blueprint (for Jaunty) is now completed.
The points that have not been addressed are part of a new one for Karmic Koala:

* Powerman - PDU support (
  - Debian ITP (done)
  - Debian package upload (done, approval underway)
  - Ubuntu sync (, done and available in universe)

* pwrkap - Power Capping
  - Debian ITP (done)
  - Debian package upload (done, approval underway)
  - Ubuntu sync (, done and available in universe)

* Network UPS Tools - NUT:
  - DeviceKit-power integration (postponed)
  - dummy-ups repeater mode (communication link redundancy and forwarding) (done, 2.4.1)
  - base PDU support (~6 SNMP units) (done, 2.4.1)
  - extended PDU support, through libpowerman (~ 20 models supported) (done, 2.4.1)
- configuration improvements: provide some library / backend to develop a config wizard (python and/or debconf). configuration is definitely NUT's weakest point, apart from the HAL/DK-p backends! (postponed for 2.6 ; work started on Augeas lens, Python class / application)
  - sub devices (present UPS' outlets as devices, to allow per outlet subscription and management) (work underway in the trunk ; postponed to a later release)
  - virtual devices (composite devices, made of several UPSs (parallel, serial or sequential redundancy modes) and/or PDUs) (postponed)
  - Debian package upload (2.4.1-2 done)
  - Feature Freeze Exception requested for 2.4.1-2



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