Enhancements to the firmware test suite (Oneiric)

Registered by Colin Ian King

The firmware test suite (fwts) is missing some features that were not implemented in the Maverick release and there have been requests for newer features to be added for the 11.10 Oneiric release. These need discussing and selecting the correct priorities and feature set.

Blueprint information

Chris Van Hoof
Colin Ian King
Colin Ian King
Series goal:
Accepted for oneiric
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milestone icon ubuntu-11.10
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Chris Van Hoof
Completed by
Colin Ian King

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= Outstanding Issues =

* tying reported FWTS errors to particular symptoms
 * avoids the "we fixed the error, still seeing bugs" problem
* too complicated for ODM devs?
 * but no requests for help on FWTS mailing list
* cking has plans for a wiki for explanations
* can we establish a relationship with BIOS vendors, to get errors fixed 'at the source'?
 * workitem postponed until 12.04 cycle as we're developing a minimal fwts boot image to make this testing easier.
* multiple use-cases currently:
 * ODM test team to verify BIOS
  * but difficult to correcate errors to observed bugs
 * engineering debug tool
  * root-cause: is this a BIOS bug?
 * checkbox: acpi stress test (?)
  * add to apport ?
* would be nice to have a bootable FWTS image
OEMs/ODMs unable to interpret results
* we need feedback to improve this

== UEFI ==
* Some UEFI specific workitems postponed until 12.04 cycle
* tests to be done in pre-boot environment
 * can still run ACPI tests though
* through UEFI shell
 * some testing already (from Intel), but these have different goals
* Could add fwts-uefi: runs in UEFI shell
 * use existing FWTS framework?
* runtime services testing
 * needs to run in kernel context
 * FWTS.ko ?

== What's missing ==
Aiming for usability rather than adding more features
OEMs asking for battery benchmarking
 * s3/s4 device quiescence

== Other ==
Cautious about duplication of testing efforts between FWTS & general tests
Community buy-in?
 * bring this to the ACPI mailing list?
 * use this in bug triage
 * apport integration, to run FWTS with certain classes of bugs

Work items for ubuntu-11.10:
[colin-king] review cking's upload rights, to move stable PPA to universe, if this makes sense to do: POSTPONED
[colin-king] check each test against oneiric, adjust any tests accordingly: DONE
[colin-king] wiki for error explanations - possible URL in test output to wiki explanations: DONE
[colin-king] add unique test ID to each failure test message to ease test result analysis: DONE
[vanhoof] ensure folks know about project/team and mailing list; send questions on reports to the list for review -- team: https://launchpad.net/~firmware-testing-team: DONE
[cgregan] look at feasibility of hooking FWTS into apport collector: POSTPONED
[colin-king] UEFI boot services testing: find out required services required for grub to boot kernel: DONE
[colin-king] UEFI boot services testing: can we build UEFI fwts image: DONE
[colin-king] UEFI boot services testing: write service tests: POSTPONED
[colin-king] UEFI run time services testing: can it be done, if so, write tests: POSTPONED
[colin-king] get more community buy-in: ACPI mailing list, conferences: INPROGRESS
[vanhoof] FWTS bootable image - revisit minimal USB boot image (new cd images should be ddable to stick): DONE
[colin-king] compare FWTS & other existing test (QA), look for potential merges (battery tests - spineau): DONE
[vanhoof] (or awe) establish a plan for a pilot program for increasing usage with O{E,D}Ms, with the goal of getting feedback. BIOS vendors too? hughhalf & pmcgowan to provide managerial support: POSTPONED
[colin-king] talk to Ara about including in the Ubuntu Friendly program: POSTPONED


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