Converge HUD 2.0

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This blueprint outlines the work items to land a converged HUD service (the backend) for 13.10 and providing a QML API for applications to target. It is expected that the HUD will be a part of the phone, tablet and desktop builds.

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Thomas Strehl
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Ted Gould
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milestone icon ubuntu-13.04-month-6
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Ted Gould
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Ted Gould

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== Goals of this blueprint ==
 * Get HUD merged into trunk for desktop/tablet/phone
 * Provide a well documented QML API for using HUD

== Note on libhud (-qt, -qml) ==
 * Work items for May might need adjustment depending on how Unity Actions API is going to relate to libhud.


Work Items

Work items for ubuntu-13.04-month-6:
[ted] Architecture documentation (2d): DONE
[ted] Context Support for application descriptions (libhud) (3d): DONE
[ted] Support for switching contexts from application (libhud) (3d): DONE
[ted] Fix action description types to have direct actions (1d): DONE
[ted] Create way to notify HUD of action usage outside of HUD (service, libhud) (2d): INPROGRESS
[ted] Allow application publisher to have application wide actions without a window ID (2d): DONE
[ted] Start context support for application descriptions (service) (10d): DONE
[pete-woods] Support base classes to contain parameterized names (libhud-client) (4d): POSTPONED
[pete-woods] Expand service test coverage (3d): POSTPONED
[pete-woods] Finish test suite (libhud) (3d): DONE
[pete-woods] merge cmake branch (1d): DONE
[pete-woods] merge test-coverage branches (1d): DONE

Work items for ubuntu-13.05:
[ted] Finish context support for application descriptions (service) (2d): DONE
[ted] Support for additional base toolbar items (service) (2d): INPROGRESS
[ted] Base toolbar completion (libhud-client) (3d): INPROGRESS
[ted] Mark highlighting of entries based on search (4d): INPROGRESS
[kaijanmaki] Context Support for application descriptions (libhud-qt) (3d): INPROGRESS
[kaijanmaki] Support for additional base toolbar items (libhud-qt) (3d): INPROGRESS
[kaijanmaki] Review API with the SDK team, adjust (5d): POSTPONED
[kaijanmaki] Add support for pinging usage on action use (3d): TODO
[kaijanmaki] Document API appropriately (5d): POSTPONED
[kaijanmaki] Integrate documentation into SDK documentation (5d): BLOCKED
[kaijanmaki] Support for additional parameterized widgets (10d): POSTPONED
[kaijanmaki] Integrate quit action into standard application object (1d): BLOCKED
[kaijanmaki] libhud-qt-dev package (1d): TODO
[ted] Remove quit toolbar item: INPROGRESS

Work items for ubuntu-13.06:
[ted] Highlight tests (1 day): INPROGRESS

Work items for ubuntu-13.07:
[ted] Port to Unity application focus API (3d): BLOCKED
[ted] Port to Unity applciation lifecycle API (3d): BLOCKED
[ted] Use App Lifecycel to manage our own lifecycle (2d): BLOCKED

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