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sparkle is a visually rich cover-browser for rhythmbox with undeniable influences from cover-flow. It is a spare-time hack for fun, so don't expect it to have a high priority.

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keybuk, 2008-01-22: allowed to miss Feature Freeze

This could be turned into a Gtk widget for Nautilus (to allow to browse files like in Leopard)
macslow, 2008-01-29: Hm... not really a good idea. While it looks good and has it's place in a application like rhythmbox (or any music-player for that matter), it is not a desired interface for a file-browser/viewer in general. There are much better schemes that apply for applications like nautilus.

This guy is working on a similar thing : http://garuma.wordpress.com
macslow, 2008-01-29: That does not seem to be more than a personal learning project for dealing with GL. The author herself/himself? describes her/his work as horrible hack.

Fleow also implements this idea for Banshee: http://fleow.berlios.de
macslow, 2008-01-29: This depends on Mono and the Tao-framework. This is a completely different stack and not reuseable for the sparkle-plugin. BTW, the author of fleow gave up on this plugin for banshee. Dealing with the Tao-framework and dependencies myself once, one can hardly blame him. OpenGL and Mono on the Linux-desktop is not a fun experience development-wise.

PictureFlow is the equivalent for Qt: http://code.google.com/p/pictureflow
macslow, 2008-01-29: Looks ok, but is for Qt and thus of no use for the stack needed for rhythmbox (C, gtk+). The pure OpenGL-part is minor compared to all the needed boiler-plate code and housekeeping in a rhythmbox-plugin.

Just a question: is it possible to use the code from Compiz/Compiz Fusion for their Coverflow Alt-Tab plugin ?
macslow, 2008-01-29: Not really. The only thing that's probably similar is the math for the movement, but this only a tiny fraction of what sparkle has in common with the shift-switcher... and not worth the effort moving/copying over and integrating it. Most work goes into interfacing with rhythmbox, the artdisplay-plugin, boiler-plate code and other housekeeping for a rhythmbox-plugin.

socceroos, 2008-02-01: I like the look of this, but I don't think that the text and buttons at the bottom of the full screen mode match the visually appealing 3D style (Web 2.0) of the interface. Could the buttons and text also be inline with the effects of the album covers? Also, how can one browse through the list of album songs? It would be pretty bad if you couldn't see a list of the songs in a particular album.
macslow, 2008-02-08: I want to stick to gtk-themed widgets and will not introduce a non-native look. The player-controls, which will only be visible if switched to fullscreen btw, will be kept at the bottom. If I don't find a better solution, I'll probably use the backside of a cover to list songs of an album. But a feature like this stands or falls with a proper tagging of songs.

pierre-slamich 2008-02-28: http://www.clutter-project.org/blog/?p=41
Another implementation with Clutter

nilsja 2008-05-29: JohnM realized MediaFlow for songbird very pretty. Less than 20 kb. Based on javascript. http://imageflow.finnrudolph.de/
Runs fine on ubuntu hardy. http://addons.songbirdnest.com/addons/238

pierre-slamich 2008-06-01: BadChoice is working on a Gnome Quicklook solution that includes both preview and Coverflow. I don't know if it's GOjectified, but cooperation would be valuable here:

keybuk, 2008-07-02: should be redrafted to match current plans


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