Ubuntu Kernel Delta Review

Registered by Leann Ogasawara

Review of the current Ubuntu Kernel patch delta from upstream. This session will look at the current delta comprised of both patches to the core and the ubuntu specific drivers. The aim is to record what we are carrying, review the reasons for that component(s) to be carried, and recommend replacements, updates, cleanups, upstreaming etc of those components.

Blueprint information

Leann Ogasawara
Leann Ogasawara
Leann Ogasawara
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Accepted for quantal
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milestone icon ubuntu-12.10-beta-1
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Leann Ogasawara

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Work Items

Work items for quantal-alpha-1:
[smb] evaluate dm-raid4-5 ubuntu driver, is userspace uptodate yet (no): DONE
[leannogasawara] drop fsam7400: DONE
[leannogasawara] drop nx patches since we no longer support non-pae: DONE
[leannogasawara] drop onmibook: DONE
[leannogasawara] rfkill has been disabled for 2 releases, completely drop in Q: DONE
[leannogasawara] squash some of the no-up patches: DONE
[leannogasawara] fix up overlayfs subject verbage to have them show up as an ubuntu driver: DONE
[leannogasawara] add work items for developers to review their assigned delta: DONE

Work items for quantal-alpha-2:
[colin-king] get powertop2 working and packaged (in PPA for the moment): DONE
[colin-king] compare powertop2 against existing powertop for comparative accuracy: DONE
[colin-king] investigate scheduling latencies of low-latency vs default kernel: DONE
[smb] Review set of Ubuntu patches: DONE
[sforshee] Review set of Ubuntu patches: DONE

Work items for quantal-alpha-3:
[colin-king] look at x32 power and performance: DONE
[colin-king] investigate CEPHS with the various underlying FS types: DONE

Work items for ubuntu-12.10-beta-1:
[apw] update AUFS in case it is needed: DONE
[timg-tpi] review linux-firmware* for modules which are not referenced: DONE
[timg-tpi] Review set of Ubuntu patches: DONE

Work items for ubuntu-12.10-beta-2:
[apw] re-evaluate AUFS re-eanble or not (waits on overlayfs work): DONE

Work items for ubuntu-12.10:
[apw] engage with serge et al if we should do the inotify work with OverlayFS: POSTPONED
[apw] investigate requirements for initramfs UUID detection: POSTPONED

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