Kernel Natty Bug Handling

Registered by Jeremy Foshee

Continuing on the work we have completed in previous blueprints, I'd like for this session to focus on what can be done to continue our efforts in making bugs and bug work more of a fixed priority for the team as well as determining what changes can be made to our current method of determining the bugs to be put on the Top 50 list. We'll also review the utility of the Top 50 and gather ideas on improvements there should that process be seen as effective.

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Pete Graner
Jeremy Foshee
Needs approval
Jeremy Foshee
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Accepted for natty
Slow progress
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milestone icon ubuntu-11.04
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Jeremy Foshee

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A prototype of the 'key bugs' list is in development, currently showing release, support, and HWE bugs; work is ongoing to include the remaining tag defined lists.

Work items for natty-alpha-3:
[brian-murray] work with QA team and community to review the kernel team's debugging documentation in the ubuntu wiki: DONE

Work items for ubuntu-11.04:
[jeremyfoshee] to develop process for handling, validation & closure, and document in the wiki:POSTPONED
[jeremyfoshee] to drive existing bugs with patches list to zero and keep it there:POSTPONED
[jeremyfoshee] look at kerneloops reports to better detect duplicates:POSTPONED
[jeremyfoshee] look at documentation for kernel testing (installation etc), test and update:DONE
[jeremyfoshee] look at primary arsenal message for applicability to flavour (not appropriate for arm):POSTPONED
[brad-figg] update apport-hooks verbage:DONE
[jeremyfoshee] look at arsenal flow and document:DONE
[sconklin] ensure we have documentation/scripting(?) for git bisect'ing an issue:DONE
[pgraner] schedule a stackexchange session with Jorge to discuss how to better utilize it:DONE
[kamal] to clean up / merge kernel wiki docs about how to change a grub entry; "Kernel boot params for newbies":DONE
[jeremyfoshee] produce summary report with the priority bugs from each stakeholder:DONE


Work Items