Support modaliases defined in debian/control to trigger Jockey

Registered by Mario Limonciello

Currently Jockey triggers matching hardware by the contents of flat files in /usr/share/jockey/modaliases. This means that it's not possible to detect additional drivers without installing additional modaliases packages.
To solve this, the contents of the flat modaliases file can be moved to an additional field of the binary package and Jockey can trigger off that that field from the apt cache to find the hardware.
Eg XB-Driver-Modaliases: pci:DEADBEEF, ssb:v0001p0002, ...

Additionally it would be a good idea to have a debhelper script (dh_modaliases or so) that could generate the control header automatically.

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Mario Limonciello
Martin Pitt
Needs approval
Martin Pitt
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Accepted for natty
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milestone icon ubuntu-11.04-beta-1
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Martin Pitt
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Martin Pitt

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Work items:
add OSLib API for reading modalias mappings from package list: DONE
extend LocalKernelModulesDriverDB to use above API: DONE
create automatic test case: DONE
change nvidia-common to read modaliases from Package database instead from jockey files: DONE
extend nvidia-common API to take an optional mapping as a ctor argument for speedup (not really practical from the code design): DROPPED
create dh_modaliases for scanning *.ko or taking debian/PKGNAME.modaliases and add it to the package record's XB-Modaliases field: DONE
port broadcom wl driver to dh_modaliases: DONE
remove *-modaliases dependencies from jockey-common: DONE
port nvidia drivers to dh_modaliases: DONE
port fglrx driver to dh_modalises: DONE
remove nvidia-modaliases-* dependencies from nvidia-common: DONE

pitti, 2010-10-13: This came up in an email discussion with Mario for OEM purposes, so I'm setting him as the approver. This doesn't actually need an UDS session, this blueprint is merely a vehicle for tracking progress and work items, and allocating time.

pitti, 2010-10-28: Discussed this with Alberto today, who ack'ed this.

pitti, 2010-11-25: dh_modaliases (in the dh-modaliases package) exists now. Please see man dh_modalises for how it works, and for how to change drivers.


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