GPRS connection available afer Ubuntu's install

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There are users (like me) with no lan connection and those users are forsed to use Ubuntu in "off- line mode" - no updates or S/W installations from the net. Would be very good to have possibility to connect to the internet via GPRS/EDGE out-of-the-box: the installation is finished and user can go on-line by specifyning phone no to dial, user name/password and modem's initialization string (if required by operator).

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Please add modem INIT strings capabilities to network-manager

2007/07/16 (stephan-impilinux) - You should have a look at:

2007/11/29 (RainCT) - Just noting that if you configuring Vodafone's 3G modem as a router in System -> Admin. -> Network it works fine

2007/11/30 (hubuntu) I believe we should expand this Blueprint to actually handle bluetooth, cable and PC Card driven modems for GPRS/EDGE/3G/3G+Broadband and even maybe GSM dial-up connections. The GNU/Linux world lacks a comprehensive and easy way to achieve this (I have tried and managed to do all of them, but It's such a pain...) while maybe even trying to work towards a framework so Telecom companies just have to make a linux driver and the framework puts it in use in an easy in the FS desktop (GNOME & KDE) and it Just Works!(tm) - Where do we start?

2007/11/30 (simontol) Some good news here :

2007/12/19 (dwhaggerton) Would like to see sierra wireless driver added

2008/02/28 (Hubuntu) two things:
Things that just work!
And things to try:

2008/04/09 (Hubuntu) just have to get it out; put your money where the bet is:
Check position #2 on
We should start melting the many Blueprints around handling this issue and correlate with the work done with pppoeconfig and network-manager.

2008/04/15 (Antti Kaijanmäki) I will be working on mobile broadband configuration assistant for NetworkManager[1] this summer.
Additional information can be found through my blog[2].

2008/04/21 (Hubuntu) This just keeps getting better:
Any MOTUs are into packaging it? The download page says no deb are maintained propertly. We should have this in universe!

2008/05/23 : Is a 3G/GPRS dbus service. PPA (

2009/02/11 : Intrepid released with this implemented, so the status can be updated, right?


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