GNOME Power Manager and Device Kit Power

Registered by Ted Gould on 2008-11-24

The new version of GNOME Power Manager will be based on DeviceKit Power. In turn, Device Kit Power has a dependency on Device Kit. The plan is detailed in this e-mail: As Ubuntu we need to decide what our strategy is to deal with this change with regards to Jaunty.

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Martin Pitt
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Martin Pitt
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Accepted for jaunty
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(from ArnaudQuette)
- DeviceKit-power implies the base DeviceKit framework,
- I've talked with Michael Biebl (from the Debian Utopia team, who has made preliminary packages of dk*), and Marco d'Itri (Debian udev maintainer...) about that: the newer DeviceKit releases require udev >= 0.130 (which ships libudev), but the one in jaunty is 0.124, and latest version in unstable is 0.125. these newer udev releases seems to require a lot of update effort, and Marco doesn't think he'll work on this before Lenny is out (and before the Debian bug list has been reduced),
- Packages are available from Michael here:
- Debian source files are available here:
- USB UPS integration will come through NUT, as it was for HAL and the nut-hal-drivers package.

In conclusion: Ubuntu will need to propose some help to the Debian packagers and work hand in hand to get this in Jaunty!

Enjoy ;-)

UDS notes:
 - get DK and DKP packaged, working and into Jaunty's universe
 - get new gpm into a PPA, for people wanting to test it
 - keep hal and gpm 2.24 as default for jaunty

pitti, 2008-12-16: devicekit and devicekit-power initial versions in universe (from Debian packaging)

pitti, 2008-12-17: @Ted: unless you insist, I personally don't need a full blown wiki spec for saying above three points (especially since the first one is done, and the third is just a statement). I guess you can package the new gpm in the time you'd need to write the spec.

pitti, 2009-01-05: approved, not needing a full spec to say "package new gpm into a PPA". Changing assignee to Ted now, since I did my part.

pitti, 2009-01-08: updated DK and DKP to latest upstream versions (now that we have a sufficiently recent udev), created Launchpad projects, published packaging branches.

pitti, 2009-03-07: working on packaging new g-p-m now, assinging spec to me

pitti, 2009-03-07: packaging complete, in bzr and ubuntu-desktop PPA now:


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