Touchpad configuration support for GNOME

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One of the problems many laptop users come across almost immediately after installing Ubuntu is that their touchpad does not work as they would like, and that there is no way to configure it.

This spec describes how to implement a graphical touchpad preferences application, and other supporting applications (including a notification icon), to give users an easy out-of-the-box way to configure their touchpad device.

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Artem Baguinski: I'd like to take this on. Is it still actual?

2008-04-25 bryce: Yes, it is; if you'd like to work on it, contact me on the ubuntu-x@ mailing list or on #ubuntu-x in IRC and I can give more details on what to do.

2008-04-25 Eric: Hey, I'd still like to be involved with this too. Please CC me on any emails or jabber me (<email address hidden> for both), thanks!

2008-04-25 Azrael: I have just one suggestion: try to integrate this tool with other mouse related tools - I don't think you would like to see Ubuntu's menu flooded with mouse and touchpad tools. One should be enough.

2008-05-31 Manveru: Could I make a little suggestion? I quickly looked through the document and I do not see anything about TrackPoint (present in Toshiba and IBM notebook, for example). It should be configured somehow independently - I use TrackPoint disabled during typing and TrackPad disabled all the time. IBM/Lenovo gives a tool quickly changing this behaviour by one shortcut and one click.

2009-06-01 katakombi: i see there has been done some work. however, it seems to work without shmconfig enabled? how could that be?? I am the author of touchfreeze ... i see this functionality is still missing but must be possible to implement right now, or am i wrong? how does it work, default jaunty doesnt use synaptics shm, but still works?? please explain :)

2009-06-28 Kevin: Please consider adding a function (as option) which disables the touchpad while there is another mouse in use (for example an usb mouse). This is one feature I am missing pretty much in any touchpad configuration tool and that's one of the first things I am setting up in my system after installation. But an integration in gnome would be much more elegant.


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