Test classes for autopkgtests for covering real hardware and different scenarios

Registered by Martin Pitt on 2015-11-05

proposed-migration currently runs package tests exactly once in a generic virtualized environment (cloud instance, QEMU, or LXC container) whenever that package or one of its dependencies changes. But for packages which are closely tied to specific hardware or system configurations, such as Linux, X.org/Mir, graphics drivers, IPMI etc. this does not suffice and we actually want to run these tests on several different pieces of real hardware, and/or several kernel versions.

See the linked spec for details.

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Steve Langasek
Martin Pitt
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Martin Pitt
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Work Items

Work items:
Set up MaaS autopkgtest worker for kernel team MaaS stack: TODO
autopkgtest: Add --class option and run only those tests when given: TODO
worker: Implement class/instance/setup-commands test request parameters: TODO
worker: Put class/instance/scenario/platform-id/setup-commands into testinfo.json: TODO
britney: Move data structures and presentation from "architecture" to "platform-id", falling back to architecture if not given: TODO
britney: Create initial classes.conf for bare-metal and kernel-specific: TODO
britney: Parse test-classes from Sources index, translate to instances/scenarios using classes.conf: TODO
britney: Send test requests with class/instance/scenario/platform-id/setup-commands to right queues: TODO
[apw] Add "Classes: bare-metal" to all linux* source flavors: TODO
Add "Classes: kernel-specific" to lxc and systemd: TODO

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