Redesigning the Wubi installer

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We present a proposed redesign of the Wubi installer, for the benefit of anyone who would like to work on it.

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Wubi is meant to be the easy way to try Ubuntu. Currently it is not a one-stop shop for installing or preparing to install Ubuntu from a Windows based machine. Implementing easy ways to burn a CD, create a usb stick or install/uninstall Ubuntu inside Windows will improve Windows users' first impression of Ubuntu.

Streamline Ubuntu installation from Windows: via CD, via USB, via Wubi-style installation.

User Stories:
Blazing quick download and you are experiencing ubuntu. Easy to use and streamlined options are offered to do everything you can think off: boot CD, burn CD, create a USB stick, perform Wubi install, uninstall Wubi install.

Wubi is a standalone application which was in maintenance mode, such that it is easy to revert to a previously released Wubi.

= Session Notes =
Looking at this design doc:

Ajenbo might have time do some work in wubi in the cycle (ubuntu-installer mailing list)

xnox is aware of a bug with the gtk stack that loses the icons in ubiquity

ev proposes that 'nice styling' is added at the end of the work so that development can focus on adding functionality

lubi would be more suited for mac but there is still the problem of not having access to the mac file system

Priority order for the work:
1) burning USB

    * if we do this we will have to update the website
    * Reviewing available open source tools: compatible license? stable etc
    * pick a library to work with
    * Do we want to include the means of returning a USB stick to 'normal'?
2) burning CD
3) visual refresh
4) uninstall: currently works well in add/remove and this design brings the uninstall functionality out. (easy enough to be after USB/CD ?!)
*) next steps talk to evan for future features

How does one select a language in Wubi? - gets it from Windows Registery, but if they are wrong... there is no currently obvious way to change them during the installation. Hmm, I have one already
Should we use oem-config? or better we should reuse some of the design patterns from the Ubiquity spec - e.g. initial install screen and/or oem-config

How about UEFI support? - dd iso image into usb-disk will support UEFI

== wishlist items ==
Full-disk encrypted windows + wubi:
- what full-disk encryption means in windows world
- warn it will not work?
- make it work?
- what to do?
Ove Risberg


Work Items

Work items:
[xnox] blog about the work and feature the blog on design blog (OMG! etc): POSTPONED
[ajenbo] implement the USB creater for WUBI: TODO
[xnox] talk to jibel about automating QA of Wubi: POSTPONED
[xnox] coordinate with QA to automate the Wubi manual-cd test cases: POSTPONED
[xnox] coordinate with QA to establish how to qa new/upcomming WUBI features: POSTPONED