Intermediary branch to run tests and verification against before packages hit the archive proper

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As proposed in, we should create an unpublished release pocket that stands as the gateway to the regular development branch. From this branch unit tests will be run, code review and sign off will be checked, system integration tests will be run, and if any of these fail, the upload will not be copied to the development branch.

We should unpack and run the unit tests for any reverse dependencies of the core libraries during package build in order to prevent breaking said dependencies with a dodgy upload. For example, an upload of GTK+ should trigger the unit tests for ubiquity and software-center to be run.

Blueprint information

Steve Langasek
Colin Watson
Series goal:
Accepted for raring
Milestone target:
milestone icon ubuntu-13.04-month-2
Started by
Colin Watson
Completed by
Colin Watson

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Work done in Precise:
[pitti] add dep8 format to apport: DONE
[pitti] add dep8 format to jockey: DONE
[pitti] add dep8 format to upower: DONE
[pitti] add dep8 format to udisks: DONE
[pitti] add dep8 format to postgresql-common: DONE
[cjwatson] add dep8 format to ubiquity: DONE

Work done in Quantal:
[mvo] add dep8 format to software-center (lp:~mvo/software-center/dep8): DONE
[cjwatson] assessment of impact to infrastructure (bug 930217): DONE
[cjwatson] open -proposed pocket for development distroseries: DONE
[jibel] write tool to determine what tests need to be run via rdepends, drives said tests, and outputs in a format that britney and a human can understand: DONE


Work Items

Work items for ubuntu-13.04-month-5:
[cjwatson] figure out how to hook autopkgtest output into britney: DONE

Work items:
[cjwatson] implement auto-propagation from -proposed to release pocket: DONE
[cjwatson] redirect uploads to -proposed by default: DONE
[jibel] Split the current main script trigger-adt-test in one part that will run on lillypilly to calculate the tests to run and a second part that will run in the lab to execute the tests: DONE
[jibel] Deploy the new version of the script on lillypilly, jiufeng and albali: DONE
[jibel] Add execution nodes in the QA Lab: DONE

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