Finish the archive reorg

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Archive reorganization has been stalled in a halfway state. Discuss what needs to happen for 12.10 to make the main/universe distinction obsolete for community and Canonical stakeholders.

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Steve Langasek
Colin Watson
Colin Watson
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Colin Watson

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List software that needs to be changed:
- Ubuntu Software Center ("Updates provided by: Canonical" etc)
- Software Sources ("Ubuntu Software" tab)
- any others?

Also worth noting that since 12.04 we have packages in universe that are covered by the LTS with between 3 and 5 years of support.
 - Kubuntu is 5 years LTS (packages in main)
 - Edubuntu is 5 years LTS (packages in universe)
 - Xubuntu is 3 years LTS (packages in universe)
 - Ubuntu Studio is 3 years LTS (packages in universe)
LTS support for these is provided by their respective community (updates and security).
The UI currently doesn't reflect that properly, Supported field isn't set for these and upgrades show these packages as "not supported by Canonical" (technically true but should be marked as supported regardless).


Work Items

Work items:
[cjwatson] discuss with all stakeholders (@ubuntu-devel): TODO
[cjwatson] generate a list of security updates provided by Canonical (from existing meta-data): TODO
[rick-rickspencer3] get a list of packages from Canonical Support team to ensure they can generate their list: TODO
[cjwatson] ensure that the list for Canonical Support is extensible per customer: TODO
[stgraber] generate lists of packages for all flavors (from germinate output) ( DONE
[adconrad] remove supported after all clients work: TODO
[adconrad] communicate changes to developers of client applications: software-center, update-manager, security team tools, ubuntu-support-status, landscape?: TODO
[mpt] Revise USC specification to take new updates declarations into account: BLOCKED
[dpitkin] Find someone to implement changes in USC: BLOCKED
[mpt] Revise Software Updater specification to take new updates declarations into account: BLOCKED
[mterry] Implement changes in Software Updater, or find someone else to do it (blocked on spec): BLOCKED
[cjwatson] discuss how to partially mirror the archive with mirrors ( DONE
[cjwatson] investigate how landscape uses Supported field (it doesn't, it only uses Supported from the meta-release file which isn't at issue here): DONE
[cjwatson] Talk to Kubuntu about why they are doing MIRs and what they would like to do in future: DONE

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