Brainstorm on WebLive and possible improvements and integration

Registered by Stéphane Graber

The goal of this session is to quickly explain what WebLive is exactly, how it works and discuss some of the potential improvements.

WebLive is currently use to demo Edubuntu and Ubuntu at
and is integrated in the Ubuntu Software Center:

Agenda will likely be something like:
1) What's WebLive ? (in case you don't know)
2) How does it work ? (VM infrastructure, management daemon, API, existing clients)
3) Some stats for the last 6 months

After that, it should be a relatively free session on ways to improve the user experience, other places we'd like to integrate WebLive and Q&A.

This session should ideally be scheduled relatively early during the week so we can then discuss closer integration (mostly Software Center and later during the week.
A plenary session explaining in fewer details how WebLive works is also scheduled for Wednesday but might have to be demoted to a lighting talk.

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Evaluate what is required to get WebLive by default for Ubuntu.
During the session, it was discussed that we should go with x2go instead of freenx to use a project that's active.
Work has been done at UDS to have the current servers support both protocol and initial integration work for the software-center plugin has been started.

Work items:
[stgraber] get WebLive servers running x2go with similar functionality: DONE
[stgraber] update python-x2go's dependencies in the archive: DONE
[stgraber] get python-x2go in the archive: DONE
[stgraber] document how to setup weblive: POSTPONED
[vorlon] check whether Canonical wants to invest in servers to support WebLive and if so, turn WebLive integration in software-center by default for everyone (instead of just for Edubuntu): TODO
[stgraber] get x2goserver in the archive as well: POSTPONED
[stgraber] further investigate whitelisting/blacklisting for websites, ports, etc: DONE
[jonathan] get ltsp-cluster-agent and ltsp-cluster-agent-weblive in the archive: POSTPONED
[stgraber] migrate software center to x2go: DONE
[stgraber] upstream work: add location awareness for the servers and improve load-balancing: BLOCKED
[smoser] Look at what would be needed to get a multi-platform x2go browser integration (similar to NX's): POSTPONED

Unassigned work items:
 - work on java launcher to download x2go binary and run it like binary ("online software center" or desktop trial would need this)
 - look into checking whether a user has a valid user account on lp, if they have signed the CoC, etc
 - investigate logging, what can/should legally be logged
 - x2go client options to connect without user configuration


Work Items