Implement the Installer Redesign Spec

Registered by Duncan McGreggor on 2010-04-21

Blueprint information

Robbie Williamson
Michael Forrest
Needs approval
Series goal:
Proposed for natty
Milestone target:
milestone icon ubuntu-11.04
Started by
Evan on 2010-06-03

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Work items:
[ev] Add a panel to the installer session that contains indicators for sound, networking, battery, keyboard: DONE
[ev] Leverage debconf passthrough to allow components to run alongside DONE
[ev] Create a 'Get Ready' page: DONE
[ev] Install ubuntu-restricted-addons if option checked: DONE
[ev] Create copy for the 'needed for a better experience' checkbox and get legal to sign off on it: DONE
[ev] Add a Jockey hook: DONE
[ev] Create a new automatic partitioning widget: DONE
[ev] Integrate partitioning widget into the automatic partitioning page: DONE
[ev] Better align the controls on the 'About you' page: DONE
[ev] Change 'Strength: weak' to 'Weak password' on the 'About you' page: DONE
[ev] Add functionality to take a photo with the attached webcam, if present: TODO
[ev] Expose and refine the navigation controls on the slideshow: DONE
[ev] Modify the installer to reboot automatically by default: TODO
[ev] Create an 'installation detail' frame to show terminal output and skip buttons: DONE
[ev] Create a wireless network configuration page: DONE
[ev] Work with Cody and Ken to modify the progress bar (thin and dark) and remove metacity frame save the titlebar: DONE
[ev] Preseed language, keymap, timezone, wireless (?) based on other installed operating systems: TODO
[ev] Evaluate whether we can preseed the data for the last logged in user of other installed operating systems in an expected fashion: TODO
[ev] Refresh the layout of the keyboard selection page: DONE
[ev] Write an algorithm to calculate installation time remaining: TODO
[ev] Clean up the 'welcome' (greeter) page: DONE
[ev] Factor out a 'download updates while installing' checkbox that applies to both language pack and package updates: DONE
[ev] Make bcmwl the recommended driver in Jockey: DONE
[ev] Flagging particular handlers for being eligible for auto-installation in Jockey: DONE
[ev] Adding an --auto-install option to Jockey: DONE


Work Items