Improving the installation process of Edubuntu

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With 10.04 Edubuntu dropped completely its text installer to focus only on the Live one.
Some development has been done to offer custom installation options post-install like the netbook interface and LTSP.

For 10.10 the idea is to have these somehow integrated in ubiquity as well as trying to make our installation process (especially post-install cleanup) faster.

Notes from Edubuntu meeting gobby document:
Look at what Mythbuntu did to integrate tasks into the Ubiquity installer. Add options to install LTSP and the netbook installer, as well as theme options (young, old, plain) along with screenshots and descriptions.
Make the install process faster by trying to reduce the time used to remove packages. Put together plan for remote-installer.

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= Edubuntu Installer Improvements =


== Progress in Lucid ==

 * Dropped alternate installer from DVD
 * LTSP installation is now available for installation from Live Disc
 * Netbook interface is now available for installation from Live Disc

== Wishlist for Maverick ==

 * Ubiquity page for configuring LTSP
 * Ubiquity page for choosing default desktop session
 * Installation takes too long due to langpack removal
 * Text-installer again

=== LTSP Configuration Page ===

 * d-i component or python script could be used to create progress indicator
   for LTSP installation

=== Desktop Session Configuration Page ===

 * Provide page with screenshots and descriptions
 * Selections could install tasks in chroot

=== Langpack Optimizations ===

 * Langpacks currently take way long to remove post-installation
 * Package files could be blacklisted as part of installation process so that
   unwanted language pack files aren't copied in the first place
 * Removing font packs and updating font caches could also cause delays,
   fonts could also possibly be blacklisted if unwanted.

== Text/server installer ==

 * Server installation with lamp task for Moodle/Schooltool/etc

== New ubiquity options ==
* Choose desktop
 * Gnome
 * Sugar
 * Netbook
 * Qimo
* Install LTSP
 * Network Interface selection
 * Have some LDM options available, such as LDM_DIRECTX with explenation
 * If internet present (use current implementation in ubiquity or have another
   function made for that) :
  * Propose to build a custom image
    * Fat client
    * Local applications

== Integration with the redesigned ubiquity ==
 * Look at integration inside the "advanced" menu

== Maverick+1 Perhaps ==
 * A plugin to modify blacklists so that more than one langpack can be installed


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