Option to Install Updates on Shutdown

Registered by Steven Walter

Frequently, when updates become available, a user will not immediately install them, wishing to avoid being distracted from their current task. By the time they are undistracted, however, they may wish to shutdown their computer. Giving the user the option of installing available updates at shutdown would be very useful in these situations.

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Cleared the old spec out and we will draft a new one after Karmic UDS.

2009-06-11: Naming an Assignee and Drafter, however this does not signify that we will even do this for the Karmic cycle. -robbie.w
2009-06-17 cjwatson: approved
2009-07-02 cyrillic: The flow diagram is missing a case: What if the update needs user input, like when a config file needs to be overwritten or not?
The PC cannot just wait forever until the user comes back... Cancelling an update may leave the system in an unbootable state?
2009-07-02 cjwatson: This is covered explicitly in the specification - see immediately under "Design" where it talks about unattended upgrades.
2009-07-24: the non-interactive upgrade installer is in lp:~mvo/unattended-upgrades/mvo now (as updates-on-shutdown-gtk), gnome-session needs a patch like http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=528812 to deal with running actions on logout, how to opt-in/out is a bit uncertain at this point
2009-07-29: speijnik: This behaviour could also be implemented using a separate Frontend module in update-manager "ng" (see lp:~speijnik/update-manager/debian-gsoc09)

2009-08-19 robbie.w: We have to defer this feature because it requires having X stay later in the shutdown sequence, and this work cannot be completed in time for the 9.10 Feature Freeze.

2009-11-20 robbie.w: Deferring this feature from Lucid. Not suitable for delivery given the Lucid LTS goals and time alloted for for feature development in the schedule


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