Improvements to oem-config requested by OEMs or suggested by OEM Services engineers.

Registered by Robbie Williamson on 2009-11-08

Make the following remaining updates to oem-config (originally planned for Karmic):
1. Extra language pack removal:
2. Falling back to bulletproof-X or failing that, the console-based oem-config when X fails.
3. Add GeoIP support (already being worked on by cjwatson) to make a better default timezone selection.
4. Copy Network Manager portion of the keyring to the target system at install.
5. Look into embedding network-manager-netbook or some other NetworkManager frontend in the interface when running in only-ubiquity mode or when in oem-config.

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Colin Watson
Needs approval
Series goal:
Accepted for lucid
Milestone target:
milestone icon lucid-alpha-3
Started by
Colin Watson on 2010-01-15
Completed by
Evan on 2010-05-05


The BulletProofX work item (falling back to vesa on X failure) was completed by cjwatson as part of ubiquity-dm. Enabling the full environment that failsafe-x provides is deferred until two upstart bugs are fixed.

Work items for lucid-alpha-3:
Ensure that oem-config works with BulletProofX: DONE
[ev] Copy NetworkManager configuration for the live environment to the installed system: DONE
[ev] Finish integrating geoip support: DONE
Support adding packages (on disk) like langpacks and codecs after install: DONE
[ev] Automatically remove oem-config upon successful completion: DONE
Convert the remaining pages to plugins: DONE
[ev] Allow the user to set a hostname in oem-config: DONE
[ev] Resolve the inability to type-to-select in GtkComboBox (timezone): DONE

Work items for ubuntu-10.04-beta-2:
[ev] Automatically remove unneeded language packs: DONE

Dropped work items:
Resolve non-ascii password issues: appears to no longer be necessary; you can't enter passwords requiring an IME in ubiquity anyway, and everything else seems to work with current GNOME


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