LTS Upgrades

Registered by Robbie Williamson

This one is obviously of high importance, we need to test and support
hardy to luicd upgrades. Some issues were discovered (and fixed)
already by kubuntu (they support hardy->karmic). We have done this
once already so at we know what needs to be done. It still requires
code, setup of HW and virtual machines and quite a bit of testing.

Also getting the data from exported as a
static file somewhere on archive.u.c so that u-m can fetch a update
of it during the upgrade would be nice (not strictly needed for lts,
but could fall under the same spec).

Blueprint information

Robbie Williamson
Michael Vogt
Michael Vogt
Series goal:
Accepted for lucid
Milestone target:
Started by
Michael Vogt
Completed by
Robbie Williamson

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Work items:
[mvo] update meta-release-development, meta-release-lts-development: DONE
[mvo] review hardy,intrepid,jaunty,karmic quirks to see what applies for hardy->lucid: DONE
[mvo] add DistUpgrade.cfg.hardy: DONE
[mvo] fix diskspace calculation in /boo: DONE
[mvo] ensure linux-restricted-modules-common is removed (purged): DONE
[mvo] add hardy->lucid upgrade test profiles (server, desktop, kubuntu) to the auto-upgrade-tester: DONE
[mvo] add karmic->lucid upgrade test profiles (server, desktop, kubuntu) to the auto-upgrade-tester: DONE
[mvo] add dapper->hardy->lucid upgrade test profile (server, ubuntu) to auto-upgrade-tester: DONE
[mvo] publish results at DONE
[mvo] add post-upgrade tests for kernel, X11 to the auto-upgrader-tester: DONE
[mvo] add post-upgrade tests for python imports to the auto-upgrade tester: DONE
[mvo] move the auto-upgrade-tester into the data-center (ticket #37361). machine got upgraded to lucid now, no more hangs (at DONE
[sbeattie] talk to Marjo about upgrade testing in the certification lab: DONE
[sbeattie] talk to Marjo about upgrade testing on running gnome desktop via mago: DONE
[sbeattie] test hardy->lucid, karmic->lucid on real HW: DONE
[mvo] add feature to auto-upgrade-tester to test install/remove subsequent parts of the universe packages (published on tests only install/remove not upgrade): DONE
[mvo] add slide-show feature to the release-upgrader (done but not used currently): DONE
[dylanmccall] add slide-show for the release-upgrader: TODO
easier upgrades via usb key (update-notifier cdrom like media detection): TODO
fix sources.list cleaning (#479801): TODO
[barry] more aggressive kernel removal (#132311): INPROGRESS
[barry] hardy->lucid fails to take direct route to lucid (#522910): DONE
fix proxy auth issues (#479391) (fixed in lucid now): DONE
transparent proxy fixes (#485151): TODO


Work Items