Improvements to oem-config requested by OEMs or suggested by OEM Services engineers.

Registered by Robbie Williamson on 2009-04-15

Address three issues raised by the Canonical OEM Services team:
1. Better time zone selection (less twitchy, translated cities, less crazy drop down (100s of items), not necessarily clear which city to pick). Debconf has support for a translated list (local names) of timezones per country, but we don't use it because country + timezone are picked at the same time.

2. Keyboard selection is confusing for non-technical users. Can we possibly do this automatically or provide a smaller list to make it less overwhelming (restricted to country the user chose)? User isn't sure how many keys they have or if they have dead keys ("none of mine are broken").

3. Setup wifi, so it's ready to go on first user experience, and we can download language packs.

Blueprint information

Robbie Williamson
Canonical Foundations Team
Series goal:
Accepted for karmic
Milestone target:
milestone icon ubuntu-9.10-beta
Started by
Michael Terry on 2009-06-29
Completed by
Robbie Williamson on 2009-09-25

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2009-06-17: Do you have an idea of when this would be development complete, i.e. milestone? -robbie.w
2009-06-17: Not really sure. There's an awful lot of work here and it could easy land at different times. I do think this is one of those specifications that's going to go right up against Feature Freeze though. - evand
2009-09-25: cjwatson: As far as I can see, this is as done as it's going to be for Karmic, and some work may need to be carried over for Lucid. (Michael, please confirm.)
2009-09-25, mterry: Yes. About half of this was done for Karmic, and no more work is targeted for Karmic. The rest should be re-examined for Lucid. I'm not familiar enough with the blueprint fields; if there's a way to indicate this via status fields, please edit it as such.


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