Fix as many old bugs as possible in next release

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Please make it a priority to fix bugs in the next release, instead of introducing so many new features!

People are frustrated about the increasing amount of unfixed bugs in Ubuntu. Many old bug reports are left with no solution and people keep filing duplicates because the amount of unsolved bug reports are so many that it makes it hard to orient oneself in Launcpad. The duplicates makes this situation even worse.

One example:

This bug was reported nearly two years ago now and many duplicates (26 so far) have since been filed by people (incl. me) experiencing the same problem in various parts of the user interface. Although this bug isn't among the most critical ones, it's frustrating that it only just recently got prioritized.

Please make it a priority to fix bugs in the next release, instead of introducing so many new features.

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The importance of producing robust, stable, easy to use software in IT projects is fundamental. Ubuntu talks about the "myth" that it is only a desktop OS - well, what person in their right mind is going to install a distro with the approach that bugs are ok, we'll wait for LTS. Or even someone wanting to use the distro on a business workstation. Canonical should wisen up and understand the millions of complaints MS receives about bugs in their software and the attitude of the general population about wanting reliable software that "just works". How can anyone honestly expect Ubuntu to threaten MS's dominant position when the releases get out the door into production when they shouldnt and too many cowboys are contributing to the project who charge ahead and give a lack of manpower the reason for not sorting out the quality? Its so incredibly reckless and frivilous. Some of the bugs are downright dangerous too. Like the GUI bugs with user and group management - how any software could have been released with that issue confounds me when I see so many talented people helping on this project. Gutsy is not looking any better - in fact many of the new features have presented me with new bugs in the many tests Ive done and the release date for that looms ever closer. Gutsy is unusable for the LiveCD and I have continued to have numerous bugs making the alternate install painful. New features should indeed be stopped and the build brought back to basics in a major bug fix - forget about a "bug day" and "bug hugs", Ubuntu needs a bug fix release. Otherwise Canonical is going to continue to frustrate users coming over from Windows with silly bugs like the one in this thread, companies wont be using it due to serious bugs like the problems with GUI user/group management and the rest of the Linux community will increasingly regard Ubuntu as a distro for cowboys that moves too quickly and doesnt bother with due diligence in quality assurance.


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