Configured Xfce Desktop For Edubuntu

Registered by Jonathan Carter

Edubuntu has proved popular within education, and the built-in LTSP server is great for low cost implementations.

GNOME is the default desktop, and is relatively resource intensive (in both CPU and memory) compared to Xfce.

Xfce is in main, and supported by the Xubuntu team. It would need some tweaking to confirm to the Edubuntu Gnome set up (theming, etc). And menu's could be simplified to be more educator and young-user friendly.

The Edubuntu Xfce setup may not fit on the Edubuntu CD, but would even be helpful as a seperate download from the Ubuntu repositories. If Xubuntu could fit on the CD, or DVD installation, an appropriate installer option would be great.

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Matt Zimmerman
Rodrigo Novo
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Rodrigo Novo
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Accepted for feisty
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kamion 2006-06-23: Review comment inline in wiki - it needs to be more careful to list all the changes that need to be made in order that developer time can be allocated properly etc.

mdz 2006-07-03: Colin's earlier comments don't seem to have been entirely addressed. In particular, the design section needs to be expanded so that the design can be followed from start to finish, considering each affected component

rodarvus 2006-07-05: comments by kamion and mdz (hopefully) addressed.

mdz 2006-07-05: needs to explain why the new seed/metapackage is needed, and how and why it differs from the existing edubuntu-desktop and xubuntu-desktop

rodarvus 2006-07-06: clarified Design and Implementation steps, with information on how we'll decide if a new seed needs to be created or not

mdz 2006-07-06: Approved, with substantial edits to incorporate the changes that I recommended

mdz 2006-08-22: deferred to post-edgy

westbywest 2007-10-15: i see implementation has been deferred to "post-edgy." it is now feisty. any updates?

westbywest 2007-12-27: there is now a metapackage called edubuntu-addon-light which claims to do everything in this spec. Has this packatge been tested?


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