A user-friendly, P2P-social-tagging-capable Wiki as part of Edgy Eft

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As a part of adding new features to the bold-disruptive Edgy Eft,I propose a Wiki and associated collaborative capabilities to be embedded in the OS. Wiki should be easy to use for various tasks from grocery list to tasks for school projects to idea discussion. As an example an interesting MAC software http://www.codingmonkeys.de/subethaedit/.
It is not only the basic Wiki features, but also the collaborative features, social tagging and the ability to see the Wiki in a hastily formed network ... The allure is the intersection of the Wiki-way, the composable network primitives (wireless/wired) and ZeroConf capabilities ... Also, as described in the book "Linked", this specification touches the fringes of normadic computing, focussing on small groups (children, teaching, family, friends) and individuals (as opposed to bigger groups in corporate setting) and the need for collaboration on their activities ...

P.S : As a cross-reference, the article in O'Reilly [1], on why someone prefers Linux over MAC (!), is very relevant. Two things chromatic misses are the wireless support and zeroConf aware apps !

[1] http://www.linuxdevcenter.com/pub/a/linux/2006/06/01/switching-back.html

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Is this meant to be an extension to Tomboy, or somehow different? Can you clarify with respect to existing applications and infrastructure in Ubuntu?
<KS> Will add more details on this aspect in the spec page. Trent also mentioned Tomboy.
The short answer is :Tomboy is very good - has the simple interface and the linking capability. But it does not have the collaborative dimension, the social tagging feature as well as the revision capabilities of Wiki. Tomboy over a P2P Wiki without a central server (modified MoinMoin or another Wiki substrate) with the capability to sync and publish the topics over ZeroConf will work. If we can add these to Tomboy, that will be great. I am not a fan of C# but that will not come in the way of a disruptive feature to Ubuntu. Also want to make this feature work in OLPC – they have the Sugar. I haven’t yet compared the feature set.


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