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When I try to use practically anything in Ubuntu...I run into permissions problems that aren't easily fixed. (No offense, but often the forums aren't that helpful: we get guy's shooting from the hip to try to figure-out the problem, though the developers themselves to great). There are "duh's" which should just be done, the stuff tech CO. s hire normal people to just say "do this": make a button--that's a CEO I once met who literally had to hire people to do that. It's no fault on technical people's side...just that other people want things. to. work. Bug #1 won't be fixed by Ubuntu at this rate.

Here's the deal: if vfat (fat 16, 32, whatever) is mounted it doesn't let one modify much therein. SOMETIMES it does...then suddenly random folders will disallow any modification...and restrict to root. Get the damn root out of the way (this is the feeling a normal user is going to get with Ubuntu really quick) like Vista are annoying, but you CAN get past permissions. Set the mount permissions for Ubuntu to read & write & access & modify & delete & etc for non-linux partitions by default. Further, I've heard very immature linux-evangelists chortling "it's MS's fault for not having built-in permissions for vfat"; well, it's THEIR technology we're we should be so ungracious or idiotic: especially when MS isn't linux. Thus, please no comments about that. Bottom line Ubuntu is supposed to be user friendly right? I'd suggest bug #1 be relegated to #2 until Bug #1, inconsistency and impossibility toward users be fixed; goal #1 for an end-user solution using linux must be "make linux work". Period: no software evangelism or dogmatism allowed.

see, stuff like this:, should not even be an issue. Why are there multiple files controlling permission, overriding settings, etc.? Let's Simplify...simplicity brings elegance. Complexity breeds ugliness. Sure, there IS elegant complexity (take a look inside a cell bio or genetics book), but Ubuntu is end-user here.

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More addenda: (shouldn't happen), or this, shouldn't happen...I love the part where I start getting lecture on useability vs. security: install a fireall; Canonical is a business right? In business we hire somebody who says "make it work", and if in software development someone says "but security" the boss says "you're fired: who here can implement BOTH security and useability without tradeoffs?" THAT'S the key to succeeding if you want to fix Bug #1. : ) (The guy who actually tried to help by providing details about changing ownership I have to commend. The only problem is that vfat permission can't be changed when mounted.) Far from being judgemental (in a bad way) I'm being a critic: success in many things is driven by pragmatism (except families etc.. and certain things need be moral rather than pragmatic, but this is software). Critical users may not be complaining, but trying to drop hints.


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