Driver Repositories, a repository full of linux capable drivers

Registered by Matt Hoy

Basically another repository full of drivers for linux capable printers, webcams etc. When a device is inserted, the daemon will query the repositories and tell the user what drivers are available, in a GUI message.

They will also be open to search using apt-get, aptitude and synaptic.

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Matt Hoy
Matt Hoy
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Matt Hoy
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Proposed for feisty
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milestone icon ubuntu-7.04

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Initial registration: Provided information, added link, suggested to ubuntu-dev, assignee and approver positions still open, contact me for information. First time at launchpad, let me know how I'm doing. (Matt Hoy - 27th October - 1:05AM GMT)

Status Change: Discussion in the forum (link provided) has proven positive, I've changed the status to "pending approval" to see if we can take this further. (Matt Hoy 30 October - 11:12PM GMT)

If you want to "take this further" you should probably write an actual spec page rather than just approving everything you yourself have proposed (and only on the forum too).


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