.Ubuntu provides desktop-integrated web identities for Ubuntu users.

Registered by David Siegel on 2007-03-31

Similar to Apple's .Mac (previously iTools) but free and open source, .Ubuntu is a suite of internet services for Ubuntu users, such as IMAP/POP email (@ubuntu.com), Jabber, web storage, calendar service, synchronization or backup service, software profiling, integrated desktop sharing/live support infrastructure, with automated configuration of the desktop to utilize these features. Upon installing Ubuntu, the user would be allowed to sign up for .Ubuntu or enter a .Ubuntu username and password to log into the service. Once logged in, the user can use the .Ubuntu features on the desktop and through a web interface.

I think this would really enhance the sense of community and the sense of polish, especially for new users. Essentially, after an easy install and .Ubuntu sign-up, the new user could open Evolution and begin sending emails immediately, or open Gaim with their automatically configured Jabber account, etc.

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Anders Feder: I suggest moving and closing this blueprint in favor of https://blueprints.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/ubuntu-dot-mac

ricardojorgerm: Added some proposed concepts to the wiki.

adiroiban: This is a duplicate of https://blueprints.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/ubuntu-dot-mac. Please use that blueprint!

Just some ideas:
First as far as the whole email thing goes... one possibility is using googles domain gmail! where you have gmail working for your specific domain so all the addresses would still be @ubuntu.com, as for as storage goes, why not go by one of the current models? Forgetting the name, box something, where each user is provisioned a sertain amount of space. The one hitch, this needs to be free! At minimum have a free (GOOD, but free) version, with
option paying, but the free version cannot be crippled, bu rather the paid version enhanced (does that make sense?) Anyway, this would be a big step but it would be pretty cool anyway.

edit zenrox idea #1
add some sort of ticket system to search the froums for relivant help on a task
thru .ubuntu

Zenrox - good idea. It would be nice to bring Launchpad/Forums identities to the desktop, so we can establish a cohesive, tightly-coupled interplay between the desktop and web environments. I envision .Ubuntu as a framework for doing this. For example, a new user could grant a trusted community member remote access to his/her desktop for support.

Jeremy comments:
The fact that this proposition called for something called ".Ubuntu" plainly says this is simply to copy what Apple are doing. I think Ubuntu should keep their focus on making their operating system as high-quality as possible - not to spread themselves too thinly.

Please do not judge the content of the proposal by the silly name I gave it. I chose ".Ubuntu" for the time being because I thought the name would communicate the idea succinctly by connoting .Mac. Jeremy, I agree with you. But I also feel that the Desktop-centric view is myopic, and that sooner or later (if not now) Ubuntu will have the team resources to innovate in this respect. Please re-read the specification, and consider how such a framework could make Ubuntu "as high-quality as possible," as this is the only thing I had in mind when I drafted the proposal.


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