Engage with creative-commons artists outside the traditional Linux community to redesign 8.10 desktop.

Registered by Mike MacCana

Ubuntu 8.10's theme revamp should engage with the large community of creative-commons artists at DeviantArt.

Run a competition on DeviantArt to redesign the look and feel of Ubuntu 8.10, to be released in October 2008.

The competition would be similar to Inkscape's theme competitions at http://inkscapers.deviantart.com/journal/16001755/ or FreeSpire's at http://news.deviantart.com/article/21252/

We intend to russle up additional prizes from Dell too.

The idea would be promoted on the front page of DeviantArt, via various Ubuntu related sites, and social news media.


heading: Get your artwork on 10 million desktops

Calling all artists, illustrators, and photographers - Ubuntu, the world's third most popular desktop OS, needs a new theme. The winner will appear in the default desktop of Ubuntu 8.10.

We're looking for original wallpapers, that match Ubuntu's color palette. You entry should also include a suggested combination of application, icon, and window themes. These can be existing themes, or your own original works - you only need to make a wallpaper to win.

Submit your works to DeviantArt in the 'Ubuntu 8.10 Contest' area.

The winner will be decided by Mark Shuttleworth in August , for inclusion as the new look and feel in Ubuntu 8.10 in October 2008.

Good luck!

Wallpapers must be:

* Beautiful

* Original artworks, submitted by their authors.

* Use Ubuntu's existing palette

* CC licensed

* Include either your name, company name, or handle in the file name

* Work well as a wallpaper. This means:
   Good contrast against the white text use for desktop icons
   Not too busy to distract from the desktop's contents

* Be suitable for children and different cultures

* Work well as a theme. Please include a picture of the wallpaper on an Ubuntu desktop, with one file manager window open, showing with the wallpaper with the entrant's preferred combination of icon / application / window themes. These may be existing Ubuntu themes, or additional, original works.
   Ubuntu: click System -> Preferences -> Appearance
   Windows: Download Ubuntu 8.04 and click on 'WUBI'. This will install Ubuntu into a file on your Windows disk, without requiring any repartitioning. Afterwards, you can reboot into Ubuntu, and follow the instructions above.
   Mac: use Bootcamp to make some room and install Ubuntu 8.04, then follow the instructions above

* Vector images should be submitted as an SVG, in both widescreen and standard resolution aspects.

* Raster images must be submitted in both widescreen and standard aspects, and openable in Gimp - this means Photoshop files are OK, but may not use layer effects.

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On Wednesday Mar 12 3PM US EST, we had a meeting with Danielle McKay, Director of Artist Relations, and Ernie Wisco, director of advertising, from DeviantArt, with the proposal.
* Eddie has some questions about the size of the Ubuntu community. Mike responded with around 8 million as of 2006 (data gathered from Ubuntu's update servers), and also Google Trends data to gauge buzz in general.
* Danielle: Normally front page advertising is for paid sponsors, but DeviantArt would be happy to provide front page promotion for the contest in exchange for some really good prizes for winners.
* DeviantArt are interested and approve the idea on that basis.


Kenneth Wimer from Canonical suggested limiting the scope of the competition to wallpapers, in order to increase focus and allow people to participate without going all out. The spec above has been modified accordingly.

The proposal was discussed at the Ubuntu artwork meeting Saturday 8th Mar, 21:00UTC:
* All response was positive.
* Kenneth: The entrants should be limited to the existing Ubuntu palette, to be supplied by Kenneth.
* Dan Sargeant noted Inkscape has previously successfully ran a similar competition for their about screen. See http://inkscapers.deviantart.com/journal/16001755/
* Kenneth suggested that the cutoff for 8.10 artwork is September, so the competition should be judged beforehand.
* Kenneth: additional requirement things have to fit all across the computer experience (boot to shutdown). Mike: Ubuntu' previously used wallpaper that differs from GDM theme, but I'm moving the judging date forward so that Artwork team has more time for integration.

I've also asked Mark Shuttleworth to approve the competition and determine the winner.


* Mike to arrange prizes.

Wiki page: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DesktopTeam/Specs/DeviantArtThemeCompetition


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