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Registered by Johne on 2008-02-14

With Ubuntu's increased popularity, more pressure has been exerted on the developers of the programs included by default, and in the repositories, to produce more stable, more feature complete, and all around better programs. Yet, most projects have not seen an influx of developers to solve all these problems. Many developers of Open Source projects work at full time jobs and spend their free working on their project. But if they could make even a reasonable amount of money from donations they could spend more, or convince their partners, that they should spend more time working out the kinks in their programs. This specification provides a way for an end user to donate to program's foundation/developers in order to see its continued growth, which can help solve Bug #1!

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Colin Watson
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Johne on 2008-06-08
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Pete Graner on 2011-11-14

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I don't think it's something that Ubuntu should be doing to programs (ie, some author(s) might not like it). But a framework for allowing the author(s) to add this into their program would definitely be nice.

I believe that most developers would not be aware of this type of system unless they had their program by default get modified to use this system. But I do believe that this should be easily opt-out-able.

-- App Store --
Is there a potential for integration with this sort of thing into the upcoming Ubuntu App Store? I'll try and ask MPT if he's thought about what this kind of thing might look like. ~scottritchie

Oct'09 - asac - i am not sure how i became assignee for this. if there was a reason, let me know and i will take this back :)


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