Using ibus or fcitx as default in Ubuntu Kylin

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We have done a small-scale investigation at our university, and most students prefer to fcitx. Some reasons could be listed as following:
1. it is the first Chinese input method in open source community since 2002, and it has lots of fans in China, especially guys using Wubi method.
2. it provides more efficient and intelligent input experience than ibus.
3. it provides skin options and more convenient configuration tool.
4. it provides good support to cloud-pinyin.
5. Compatibility between Fcitx and Unity is improving gradually. E.g., the latest update of NUX makes it possible to input Chinese words in Dash.
6. Fans are working to make it better, such as GTK+ show, Indicator show, etc.

We are investigating the influence and modification needed on input configuration, and we will update soon.

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[Background information]
The objective of the Ubuntu Kylin project is to create a variant of Ubuntu that is more suitable for Chinese users. So a good Chinese input method is a key factor of Ubuntu Kylin. At present there are a variety of Chinese input method in Ubuntu and each of them has its own characteristics and fixed user group. Ibus and fictx are the most two popular ones. We should choose one as default in UbuntuKylin.

It seems that Kubuntu team is also doing the evaluation on ibus vs. fcitx,, but this work item is still 'TODO'.

[Topics to be discussed]
- Fcitx is really better than ibus, seen from user experience and technology?
- What is the effect of switching ibus to fcitx as default, such as control center, dash and so on?
- What is the coping strategy of input method in Unity Next?

[gunnarhj] I adapted im-config for Ubuntu recently. If there is a need to modify it to make fcitx the default in Ubuntu Kylin (I don't think there is), please let me know.


Work Items

Work items:
[dholbach] start discussion between Ubuntu Kylin team and UnityNext/Mir developers about input layer: DONE
make fcitx the default in UbuntuKylin: DONE
Test the application suitability of fcitx: DONE